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Wellness Wednesday: Budgeting Rules

Creating Your Own Budgeting Rules is Vital to Financial Wellness Last week I shared with you that I’ve started to take a new approach and embrace the concept of mindful budgeting. By examining my ingrained habits with a… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: Mindful Budgeting

Mindful Budgeting is About More than Just Crunching Numbers After quitting my job in 2014, I realized that a smaller paycheque would require a shift in my spending habits. I resolved to simply “spend less,” but did not create… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: Think Dirty

Eliminating nasty toxins from your home requires following two simple rules: think dirty, shop clean. Before you let your mind wander, let me clear things up for you. In partnership with San Francisco-based Breast Cancer Fund, Think Dirty®… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: How To Manage Stress

Because it’s something that affects all of us, learning how to manage stress is crucial to our well-being. Stress affects each of us in different ways and the sources of stress as just as varied. For me, work… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: Write It All Down

Journalling is an important tool for overall health and mental wellness. I’ve kept a journal – in some form or another – for as long as I can remember. While the content has changed drastically over the years,… Read More