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Free Fall Activities in Victoria

Autumn is my favourite time of year, and there’s an abundant cornucopia of free fall activities in Victoria to make the most of the season! Crunchy leaves underfoot, rain drops on windowpanes, and an unmistakable chill in the… Read More

Victoria’s Wild Water Festival

Hold your breath and hang ten for the Wild Water Festival – presented by the Victoria Film Festival! Adventure, excitement, extreme sports, and ecological issues will share the spotlight at Victoria’s Wild Water Festival from September 22 –… Read More

Celebrate and Reflect With These BC Day Photos

In honour of this civic holiday, these BC Day photos illustrate just a handful of the many reasons to celebrate our Beautiful British Columbia! BC Day is more than just a statutory holiday in British Columbia. It’s the… Read More

Vancouver Island Haunted Hot Spots

Is Vancouver Island haunted? Some think so. Read a few of these stories and decide for yourself… As a young girl, I was fascinated with Unsolved Mysteries and kept my eyes glued to the TV each week, excited… Read More