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Why I Don’t Sell doTERRA

It’s the question I get the most and the answer is always “No – I don’t sell doTERRA products.” Here’s why. “Do you sell doTERRA products?” That’s the one question I get the most from family and friends…. Read More

The Naturally Clean Bathroom

Use these quick and easy recipes for a naturally clean bathroom without harsh chemicals! I live with boys. Two of them! Okay, they’re men, but they outnumber me 2:1 and that means that my bathroom is no longer… Read More

Monday Blues: How to Survive Your Work Week

Having the Monday Blues is a legit phenomenon, but there are also very real ways to triumph over them! After quitting my job in 2014, I started to embrace Mondays. Sunday nights were no longer sleepless, and for… Read More

Using Home Essentials to Keep It Clean

Clear the air this fall and winter – naturally – using home essentials! I live for the autumn season: crunchy leaves, hot tea, over-sized sweaters, and rainy days are bliss to me. But with that comes a drop… Read More

Essential Oil Skeptic? This One’s For You

Are you an essential oil skeptic? They’re not just for hippies – I promise you! When I say “essential oils,” what’s the first thought that comes to mind? Some would say crunchy granola, flower crowns, and peace signs…. Read More