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Building a New Foundation

I don’t know about you, but I get frustrated when my personal growth feels stagnant. We weren’t meant to plateau through life. I’m learning that sometimes we stumble across new lessons, and sometimes we continue on the spiral… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: Acupuncture

Several weeks ago, when I published my first-ever Wellness Wednesday post, I mentioned that I had started to form a complete “health squad.” Since January, I’ve put together a team of wellness practitioners who come from all walks… Read More

More Wetsuits, Less Lawsuits

Quitting my job was the best decision I ever made. You know those people that absolutely love to work? The ones that say they live for their jobs? That has never been me, but I’ve learned to never… Read More

Unplugged: Version Spring.Break

The number of reasons I love my job are countless, but it’s hard to beat the breaks I get. For those of us in Vancouver, it’s spring break so I’ve got two weeks to sleep in, bake cookies,… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: Retreat

Wellness may mean many things to each of us, but if there’s one thing in particular that holds truest for me it is balance. While that could simply mean stability between work and life, to me balance is… Read More