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10 Years Young

Seven years and two months ago I stumbled across a profile on an adoption site. Seven years, one month, and two weeks ago I filled out an adoption application form. Seven years and one week ago I met… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: Essential Oils 101

In the last few years, essential oils have become an increasingly huge part of my health, beauty, and overall wellness routine. Their potency combined with the fact that they’re (ideally and usually) 100% natural are what appeal most… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: It’s All Downhill From 30

Being in one’s 20s is a near-blissful time for almost everyone. Your metabolism has never been faster, energy is abundant, your skin is (mostly) clear, and hangovers can’t get you down. After I turned 30, everything seemed to… Read More

On Being A Foster Mom

You know those people you hear about? The ones with the bleeding hearts? That’s me. At least when it comes to dogs and canine rescue. In 2009 I adopted Jordy from an organization on Vancouver Island. He is… Read More

Burger & Beer Fundraiser

Helping others is never a waste of one’s time, and ever since I adopted my own rescue dog, Jordy, I’ve felt compelled to help other homeless dogs in BC. I am proud to volunteer for Pommy Country Pomeranian… Read More