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20 Questions with Rebecca Coleman

The 20 Questions series seeks to remember what made writing and reading blogs so great by highlighting intriguing bloggers with interesting stories to tell. Don’t miss my past profiles of these bloggers.   20 Questions with Rebecca Coleman… Read More

One Day In Seattle

With only one day in Seattle, here’s how I wisely spent my time. Seattle, Vancouver’s nearest neighbour, has long been a staycation destination for those of us seeking a city with a different flavour. A weekend – or… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: How To Manage Stress

Because it’s something that affects all of us, learning how to manage stress is crucial to our well-being. Stress affects each of us in different ways and the sources of stress as just as varied. For me, work… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is an easy, affordable, and simple way to eliminate toxins from the home. I like to think of myself as a conscious consumer, and I very rarely make purchases or decisions without much thought. Similarly, when… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: Essential Oils for Mood Support

When I first started using essential oils many years ago, my primary reason was to get a better sleep and relieve stress in a more natural way. My job at the time was crazy stressful and, while I’m… Read More