Camping at Silver Lake Park

A short drive east of Bellingham, Silver Lake Park is an easy escape.

I love to go camping. Let me emphasize that: I love to go camping and my husband will be the first person to tell you that I’m always scheming up a weekend away during the summer months. One of our first-ever camping trips together was to Silver Lake Park in Whatcom County, Washington, and it has since remained one of my favourite local getaways.


Silver Lake Park 2

Just 40 minutes east of Bellingham on the picture-perfect Mount Baker Highway, Silver Lake Park is an easy place to escape to from Greater Vancouver. We took the Canadian route, heading east on Highway 1 and dipping south at the Sumas border crossing.

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From Sumas, Silver Lake Park is only a 30-minute drive through old-growth forest with towering coastal mountains all around. The park itself is tucked away from any interstate highways, a quiet respite from typically crowded and noisy campgrounds. We found it to be absolutely tranquil and many sites were surprisingly vacant.


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Boating enthusiasts will be right at home here: Silver Lake Park is one of the county’s prime fishing and boating destinations. If you’re boatless like us, rowboats, canoes, and pedal boats can be rented. The park also features picnic shelters, a day lodge, and even cabins for those less inclined to roughing it.




While in the area, we took the opportunity to visit nearby Mount Baker with a stop at Nooksack Falls while en route. The region isn’t nearly as busy in the summertime as during the ski season, which means it’s more likely you’ll get to enjoy peace and quiet in the mountains.



We did encounter a few other like-minded nature seekers at the top at Mount Baker, but I was too mesmerized with the up-close-and-personal views of Mount Shuksan to notice. No facilities were open on the mountain while we were there, so I’d recommend grabbing lunch in nearby Glacier or packing a picnic lunch.



Our beautiful British Columbia is home to seemingly endless outdoor opportunities, but camping at Silver Lake Park is a great reminder to not overlook our lovely neighbour to the south! For more information on visiting Silver Lake Park, visit the Whatcom County Parks & Recreation website. Campsite rates for the 2016 season are $25 per night.

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