Dining at Ten Foot Henry

Ten Foot Henry is Calgary’s newest dining destination, located in the heart of the Beltline Neighbourhood.

In a city renowned for its Alberta beef and hearty meals, Ten Foot Henry is bringing a fresh perspective to the city’s already-vibrant culinary scene. The vegetable-saturated dishes are wholly satisfying, so much so that you won’t be missing the moo. Think of Ten Foot Henry’s menu as a marriage between what you want to eat and what you should be eating.

Ten Foot Henry

Ask nearly any Calgarian and they’ll tell you who Ten Foot Henry is. Me? I had no idea. What started as a comic strip in the 1930s soon became a 10-foot high plywood cutout of the character, commissioned by a Calgary resident. Over the years, the cutout became an installation at various nightlife venues across the city, and was recently acquired by Ten Foot Henry’s owners, Stephen Smee and Aja Lapointe.

Ten Foot Henry 3

The eatery is an homage to Ten Foot Henry and his earned place in Calgary’s pop culture history. In fact, the restaurant is located in what was Henry’s first home. The space was extensively renovated in advance of their early 2016 opening. Rough-hewn benches, polished wooden tables, gleaming counters, soft lights, and an abundance of greenery work together to create a space that is perfect for both a quaint brunch or late-night cocktails.

Ten Foot Henry 8 Ten Foot Henry 6

When Rebecca and I were recently in Calgary, we stopped by for lunch with a friend of ours to see what the buzz was all about. We were greeted by Aja, who carefully selected a number of menu items for us to try. I’d heard all about their salted potatoes in advance, but was eager to dig into some of their heartier dishes.

Ten Foot Henry 7

We started with prosciutto-capped melon and a side of ahi tuna sliced thin and beautifully garnished. Next up was a Caesar salad with a twist – tossed with kale, topped with a fried egg, and all dressed up in a cashew-based dressing.

Ten Foot Henry 4

Our main course included chicken skewers squeezed with lime, whipped feta with heirloom tomatoes and freshly-baked sourdough bread, followed by creamy and smooth potatoes topped with more fried egg and crispy root vegetable chips.

Ten Foot Henry 5

I’m glad we took our time savouring every bite while leaving room for dessert. The delectable dessert selection was nearly impossible to choose from but we finally settled on butterscotch pudding topped with toffee crunch and an unbelievably smooth slice of chocolate-avocado cake. The three of us needed to restrain ourselves from licking out the bowls.

Ten Foot Henry 2 Ten Foot Henry 1

What I appreciated most about our dining experience is that the menu is designed for sharing. Rebecca, Rose, and I were easily able to nibble off the plates that slid across our table, each bite drastically different from the one before it. Aja was thoughtful in her selections for us and genuinely ensured we had a memorable experience.

Ten Foot Henry 9

Ten Foot Henry is open every day from 11:00 am until 11:00 pm. You can visit Ten Foot Henry and make a dining reservation online, or connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Disclaimer: Our meal was generously provided courtesy of Travel Alberta and Ten Foot Henry. I was not paid or expected to write this post. All photos and opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. Thanks for posting! We were just talking about going here this weekend. The food pics look really good!

    p.s. love your blog and all the great pictures

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