The Science of Skin With METRIN Skincare (Plus a Contest!)

Skincare is more than just pretty packaging and attention-grabbing claims. There’s a science behind it and METRIN Skincare has nailed it.

Before I go any further, let me be candid for a moment. When the fun folks at METRIN first contacted me, I was pretty blown away. They’re a local company with North American roots and their team is pumped on what they do! My interactions with them have been spirited, hilarious, and thoughtful, so please do yourself a favour and get in touch with them or say “hi!” on social media.

Now that I’ve got that glowing praise out of the way, let’s get to the nitty gritty. Skincare has always been important to me – crucial, even – and finding a quality product line has been the bane of my adult existence. Now that I’m in my mid-30s (eep!), it’s even more important. Dreaded phrases like “fine lines” and “enlarged pores” take on a whole new meaning as I’ve gotten older.


Trust me: my skin does not look this healthy without some serious help!

This is where METRIN comes in. METRIN’s original skincare system dates back to 1932 – yes, you read that correctly! It’s based on the scientific research of founder Dr. George Runnels. He set out to create a product line that was comprehensive enough to deal with any and all skin conditions while also being safe to use by all ages, genders, ethnicities, and skin types. METRIN’s five-step system cleanses, nourishes, and protects while working to improve skin to its very best condition!

I’ve had my hot little hands on METRIN’s five-step system for women for about a week now, and I can’t begin to explain how deliciously wonderful it is! I’m confident in its efficacy around those fine lines and enlarge pores I mentioned, and the good news doesn’t stop there. If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while, you know how vital the overall quality of a product has to be to make my personal cut. In case you were curious, METRIN is:

✔ gluten-free
✔ fragrance-free
✔ vegan
✔ dye-free
✔ cruelty-free
✔ made in North America
✔ contains organic ingredients

METRIN Scientific Skincare
Their products aren’t restricted to skincare. METRIN has also created a hibiscus-based shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion that I am dying to try!

I know, I know. You’re sitting there saying to yourself: “I want to try METRIN too!” Remember how I told you how awesome the METRIN team is? They’ve agreed to give away a complete five-step system of METRIN Scientific Skincare to one very lucky reader. The complete skincare system lasts about 4-6 months and is valued at $152! The system includes the following:

  • Deep Cleanser
  • Lathering Cleanser
  • Vita Conditioner
  • Protective Lotion
  • Enriched Vita Conditioner
  • Want to win it? There are two ways to enter!

    1. Post the following on Twitter:

      RT to enter to win a complete METRIN Scientific Skincare line worth $152 from @METRINskincare and @KeiraAnne

    2. Leave a comment below and tell me the numero uno skincare concern you’d like to tackle with a METRIN Scientific Skincare system.

    Everyone who enters to win will also be given a special promo code for $15 off a complete system and free shipping! The contest ends at 12:00 PM PST on April 22, 2016. Good luck!

    I was not paid to write this post but my METRIN skincare system was complimentary. The views and opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

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    31 Comments on “The Science of Skin With METRIN Skincare (Plus a Contest!)

      • Oy — I definitely feel your pain, Kristi!

        I’m going to virtually talk your ear-off a bit — I hope you don’t mind! Seriously though, I have a problem with keeping things short when it comes to talking about skin problems, so I apologize in advance!

        METRIN treats this by correcting your skin’s natural balance at all 3 (epidermis, dermis, hypodermis) layers to eliminate the underlying cause(s) and help stop future acne breakouts from taking hold.

        Exfoliation – sometimes bacteria or debris get trapped by your skin’s outer layers, giving them a perfect home to get comfortable in. METRIN’s non-abrasive liquid exfoliants help encourage your skin to shed old, dead cells to renew itself naturally.

        Nourishment – skin needs a balanced diet to function correctly and ward off bacteria and blemishes. METRIN’s nutrient-rich formula delivers vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids directly to your skin’s inner layers to help prevent future breakouts by keeping systems balanced and ready to fight them off.

        Protection – healthier skin protects itself much more effectively against all skin issues, including acne and pimples. METRIN helps stimulate your body’s natural defenses by targeting all 3 layers of your skin – each helps keep the others healthy and clear.

        I think the bigger concern for a lot of adults is scarring — scarring when you’re 30 just plain old sucks. The key with us is that because we’re targeting a bit deeper than most and we’re rich in a lot of the nutrients your skin needs, we’re actually preventing scarring and lightening the ones you already have!

        PHEW! Sorry, that was a lot of writing, but it’s so hard to fit everything into a few lines. Everyone here wants to make educated choices and you can’t do that with only a few lines of marketing jargon.

        I hope I helped, Kristi!

    1. I work up in Northern Alberta on a mine site. The weather, chemicals, lodged, trailers, planes, busses, outside elements all have huge factors on my skin. I work on a 10/10 rotation and spend 10 days on Vancouver Island. So my skin is always changing. HOW does one tackle all of those things? The weather and chemicals are the concern I have when it comes to my skin.

      • Hey Lauren!

        You’re right, the chemicals, dust and change in humidity– those are the killers!
        We’ve got a lot of clients up in northern Alberta that were struggling with those things, but we’re actually designed perfectly for you.

        Your skin was (originally) designed to fight against all these variables, but over time the system just degrades a bit (stress, hormones, sleep, etc). Your skin’s natural exfoliation process also degrades by about 10% per decade — which is a bit scary since that’s one of the fundamental systems!

        METRIN helps hydrate and exfoliate surface skin while delivering antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients to the deeper layers that control renewal. This literally empowers your skin to perform the functions it’s trying to do anyway: repair damage, regenerate texture, and protect itself (and you) from the stressors it encounters every day through properly-balanced hydration, increasing production of collagen & elastin, and encouraging the growth of healthy, happy new skin cells.

        When you boil it down, it’s really not YOU that has to tackle those things, but your skin’s natural system. We’re just trying to get that system working as optimally as possible and the results follow.

        I hope I helped, Lauren — but please let me know if you had any more questions — I love talking about this kind of stuff!

    2. I had my first baby last year, and since then my skin has taken a downward spiral into the land of fine lines and dark spots :( I’ve tried everything under the sun from boutique brands, drugstore brands, even plain old coconut oil. Nothing seems to be up to the task of bringing my face back to life. I would love to give Metrin a try!

      • Hiya Liz!

        Congratulations on the first — that’s super exciting :)!

        Tons and tons of our clients are mothers/expecting, so you’re in really good hands over here. I can pretty safely assume that you’re in a pretty high-stress/low sleep mode so everything’s probably a bit out-of-whack.

        I’m going to try to keep this really simple and say, we’re going to work really well for you. Mainly because I’ve had some many crazy successful stories from mothers about their skin glowing that I just use the blanket statement: METRIN during/after pregnancy = amazing results.

        But, let’s dive into this a bit deeper. Your skin has 3 layers (epidermis, dermis and hypodermis).

        On the surface (epidermis) you shed your skin naturally — exfoliation. However, every decade your skin’s natural system slows down a bit (about 10%). This leaves your skin looking older because it LITERALLY is!

        In the middle and deepest layer (dermis and hypodermis) your skin loses elasticity and flexibility over time (just like the exfoliation). As we age, the production of collagen, elastin and natural oils — the things that produce glowing, smooth skin — slow down. METRIN targets the dermis with rich antioxidants, vitamins and EFA’s to enhance your body’s natural renewal systems — your body doesn’t really want to age, it just needs a bit of support.

        One more thing — the hypodermis (the deepest layer). Fine lines aren’t actually formed here, but the subcutaneous fat cells here are critical in delivering nutrients to the outer layers to keep them nourished and healthy. These cells shrink with age, leaving skin much more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles, but METRIN’s nutrient-rich formula helps them perform better naturally.

        I hope that helps you out, Liz and about the dark spots — please don’t use any chemical peels. They can open up your skin to a whole different set of issues =\. They can easily be managed with hydration, EFA’s and everything else we offer in our protection and nourishing formula :).


    3. Too many skin problems to mention! A few main ones are adult acne and bumps under the soft tissue around my eyes! I am dying to try something new!

      • Hi Erica,

        Sounds like those bumps need a bit of gentle exfoliation.
        For those bumps and all those other pesky symptoms METRIN would definitely be able to help you out.

        You can check out Why METRIN works over here:

        And if you have any specific questions about us or anything skin-related, just drop me a message here.

        Cheers :)

    4. I’m at dehydrating skin, loosing elasticity and wrinkles. Is there help for me?

      • Hey Sandra!

        There definitely is :). You can check out some testimonials on our website , but honestly — we’ve got you covered on this end.

        We break out system down into cleanse/nourish/protect. The entire system is designed to, well, boost your natural system!

        The cleanse/exfoliation process is two-steps to unclog your pores and set your skin up to receive the nutrients in the following steps.

        The nourishment process delivers essential fatty-acids (EFA’s), antioxidants and vitamins to your dermis (middle) and hypodermis (deep layer) of your skin. It’s really important that the deep layer gets the nutrients, because even though wrinkles aren’t formed in the deepest layers — the subcutaneous fat cells found there are critical in delivering those nutrients to the outer layers.

        Finally, protection. We lock in that moisture, nutrients and our aloe-based protective lotion will prevent bacteria from taking hold.

        All-in-all, Sandra — we can definitely help you out and we’re looking forward to doing so :)!

    5. Wow, we’re pretty pumped up that so many people are looking to give us a shot — thank you Keira for such a wonderful post!

      We’re really all about fostering a positive relationship with our clients and a big part of that is trust. Many people are grabbing $60 2oz serums and products that make sensational claims, but none of them stand behind their products like we do — and none of them have our client relationships :).

      This is why we offer a 6 month promise on our products — we want you to know that we’re confident it’s going to work.

      That being said, please go ahead and feel free to directly ask us any questions about our product or even skin care in general — I’ll hang around here and answer them fairly quickly :).


    6. Acne for sure! In my 30’s not fun, thought I was done with that stage Super interested in these products! Thanks for sharing Keira! Even if I don’t win… Which I hope I do! I’ll for sure be looking into their company! ❤️

      • Thanks, Sarah :).

        Yeah, those pesky guys just creep right back when you least expect it. I think the biggest thing for people like us is to make sure that they don’t scar.

        If you have any questions though, just drop me a message and I’d be happy to help!

    7. Acne! It’s embarrassing at almost 30 to be fighting so many break-outs. I have been reading up on multi-step cleansing and would love to try this line! Also love that it is fragrance and cruelty free :)

      • Hi Lin!

        So glad to hear that you’ve been diving into the world of the two-step cleanse/exfoliate — you’re on the right track!

        A lot of our clients have sensitive skin and way back when the formula was designed, we took that into account. And besides, what kind of product would we be if we ever tested on our furry friends (we’re also vegan!)?

        As for Acne, I kind of went a bit overboard on my response to Kristi (top comment) who is also fighting those pesky blemishes. One thing I forgot to note in that response was that we’re all about fostering trust — especially with our adult acne clients. Acne is one of those really tough areas and it’s always about repairing the skin system and then making sure it keeps ‘refreshing’ itself. That’s where our 2-step cleanse/exfoliate, 2-step nutrient delivery and our protection steps come into play. We’re repairing your system so that it can continue to do what it was meant to do all along!

        One last thing — some products (especially acne) will not guarantee results, however, at METRIN we’re big fans of standing behind our product. We firmly believe that your success is our success — and that’s the reasoning behind our 6 month guarantee/promise. Why should you have to pay for something that actually doesn’t work? :)

        If you have any specific questions about acne or even our system, just drop me a line — I’m always happy to help!


      • Hiya Ross!

        Honestly, I had expected dry skin to crop-up before now. This is one of our most common complaints — dry or even oily skin.

        If we were to do this systematically, the first question we should ask is: what causes dry skin?

        The obvious answer is “dehydration”, but there’s more to it than that. Yes, your epidermis (the skin’s outermost layer) becomes dry and flaky or even cracked when it doesn’t get enough to drink, but it’s also dependent on receiving just the right balance of oils from the deeper layers of your skin.

        Too little oil or moisture paired with poor exfoliation causes skin toy lose its softness and elasticity.

        Too much oil (it’s actually called ‘sebum’) leads, predictably, to oily skin.

        When these things don’t balance each other out, skin becomes either dry or oily – sometimes both. What I like to unofficially deem (at least here in the office) the yo-yo effect!

        METRIN works in harmony with your body’s natural systems to keep all 3 layers of your skin doing their jobs – not too much, not too little – in balance with each other. The “goldilocks zone”, if I may :) .

        Quick break down of the different layers what we do for each:

        Epidermis (surface layer): Proper exfoliation is crucial to its overall health. METRIN uses non-abrasive liquid exfoliants to enhance your skin’s natural renewal process.
        Dermis (middle): This is where your sebaceous (oil) glands and other supportive skin structures are located. METRIN feeds these the nutrients and vitamins they need to stay balanced and provide just the right amount of sebum, collagen, and elastin to support healthy outer layers.
        Hypodermis (deepest): think of this as your skin’s nutrient factory. The hypodermis provides the nutrients the upper layers of your skin need to function correctly. METRIN’s gentle formula provides your factory with precisely the parts it needs to keep the assembly line running to create a final finished product.

        I hope I helped :) !

        • I had absolutely NO idea that dehydration is a cause of dry skin. This answering of comments so quickly and with such detail is a rare customer service treat.

          If I ‘up’ my water consumption, which I should anyway I know – and don’t love the results, do you have a specific product you’d recommend? I ask in part because I’ve recently moved back to the Pacific Northwest from a very different climate and honestly I assumed that was why… I really had no idea about the dehydration.

          • My pleasure, Ross — I love these kinds of forums and just the ability to spread a bit of knowledge :) !

            See, the issue here is that I’m a bit biased — if you do up your water and it doesn’t help your skin, I’d recommend METRIN. However, I even suggest you do it whilst increasing your water intake.

            Remember, as you age your skin’s ability to naturally exfoliate degrades by about 10% per decade and the rest of your skin’s functions suffer too. The climate definitely has a lot to play in the condition of your skin (humidity especially!), but at a certain point, you end up fighting an uphill battle and you need all the help you can get. That’s where we come into play — we augment your entire skin’s system so that it can work as efficiently as possible. Also, it really helps with the ingrown hairs when shaving — although, you look like you’ve got a wicked beard, so I’m not sure if that’s a positive :).

            So, all in all, I’d recommend you definitely give us a go and I think Keira’s dishing out $15 and free shipping coupons to anyone who enters the contest too. And don’t forget, we stand behind our products with our 6 month promise.

            Whereabouts in the PCN are you at these days?

    8. Seeking help with aging (50s…eek!) dry skin. What products do you suggest?

      • Hi MarJ!

        Yeah, aging really sneaks up on you =(… but you’re in the right place!

        I think you’ll appreciate this — this is a photo of Peggy Ann (60 years old) and her mother Ruth (96).

        Peggy Ann has been using METRIN for about 20 years now (and counting!).

        Essentially, METRIN solves aging by making sure your skin is able to renew itself. We enhance all of it’s natural systems so that it continues to work nearly as well as when you were younger!

        In order to do this, METRIN cleanses/exfoliates in the first steps (which primes your skin to receive nutrients) the next steps deliver powerful anti-oxidants, EFA’s and vitamins while the last steps seals it all in and prevents your pores from clogging. (I went into a lot more detail in the comments above, but I wanted to save you from reading a wall-of-text :) )

        The number one question I get asked about from our clients who want anti-aging — “will it help with my current wrinkles?” The answer is a resounding “YES”!

        You can head on over to for a bit more information on how we treat your entire skin system.

        One thing, MarJ — you’re not going to find another skin care brand that’s been around as long as us, with the same formula and proven results using it. Our entire system is based on keeping your skin healthy and operating at maximum efficiency, thus anti-aging!

        I hope I helped!

    9. I am turning 60 this year and finding my skin really needs some help. Have been looking for a new product and this may be the thing I need!

      • Hey Erika,

        Are you using any products currently?
        And are you on any prescriptions for the acne? I ask because we work really well with certain medications (accutane for one) and it also gives me a bit of an idea on how severe the breakouts are.

        Are they scarring at all?


    10. Number one skin concern is healthy skin and help with dry spots below my mouth right under the corners of my mouth) especially. :) thanks Keira-Ann!

    11. Now that I have moved away from the coast and am land locked I find my skin increasingly dry and flaky. It is hard to find balance, even when I am taking in my fluids. I need a product that is nourishing enough to deeply hydrate without clogging my already large pores and prevent flaking, which contributes to clogging pores even more. But also light enough to absorb completely in, leaving my skin a soft matte. Also finding a gentle enough, but effective exfoliator that doesn’t tear at my skin on a micro level but buffs my pores, leaving them deeply clean and clear.

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