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Top Three Hikes in the Western U.S.

My to-hike list is a long one, but here are the top three hikes I’ve experienced. Pulsing muscles, dirt-caked calves, and air that expands my lungs are some of my favourite things about hiking. There’s no feeling like… Read More

One Day In Seattle

With only one day in Seattle, here’s how I wisely spent my time. Seattle, Vancouver’s nearest neighbour, has long been a staycation destination for those of us seeking a city with a different flavour. A weekend – or… Read More

Visiting Alcatraz Island

San Francisco is a city of icons: the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, the Transamerica Pyramid, Chinatown, and, perhaps most infamously, Alcatraz Island. Since the island’s first official use in 1854, it has been many things. One thing… Read More

Yellowstone National Park

There are few parks across this continent that inspire more awe and curiosity than Yellowstone National Park. Straddling the border between Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, the park covers more than 3,000 square miles and is the first national… Read More

Glacier National Park

One visit to Glacier National Park was all it took. I am smitten with mountains. Since we met, J and I have always been divided on one thing: I love the ocean, he loves the mountains. However, the… Read More