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Road Trip! Southern Alberta Vlog

Our recent Alberta road trip was full of adventure – luckily we caught most of it on camera! When Rebecca and I planned our recent Alberta Road Trip, we had no idea what was in store for us…. Read More

Staying at Aspen Crossing

Among the prairies of Southern Alberta, Aspen Crossing is a must-visit for train enthusiasts. At the end of our recent road trip through Southern Alberta and along Alberta’s Cowboy Trail, Rebecca and I had the opportunity to experience… Read More

Alberta’s Cowboy Trail

Alberta’s Cowboy Trail is an incredible journey from start to finish. I’m never one to pass on a road trip, so when Rebecca asked if I’d like to hit Alberta’s Cowboy Trail, I was quick to agree. My… Read More

Back to Nature Photography

While recently visiting Alberta, I discovered Back to Nature Photography while staying with the photographers. Stan and Keltie Masters became wildlife and landscape photographers in recent years, founding Back to Nature Photography out of their mutual passion for… Read More