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Vancouver Event: Integrative Medicine

Join Dr. Tanya Gee and Dr. Alexina Mehta in Vancouver for an evening on The Future of Integrative Medicine When I started acupuncture treatments earlier this year, I had no idea that I would develop such a kinship… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: Acupuncture

Several weeks ago, when I published my first-ever Wellness Wednesday post, I mentioned that I had started to form a complete “health squad.” Since January, I’ve put together a team of wellness practitioners who come from all walks… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: Retreat

Wellness may mean many things to each of us, but if there’s one thing in particular that holds truest for me it is balance. While that could simply mean stability between work and life, to me balance is… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: It All Begins Here

My intention was to write this post last night and publish it early this morning. Unfortunately, I’ve been brought down with a tenacious head cold so my energy level is hovering somewhere around 20%. The irony that my… Read More