Category: The Great Outdoors

Cathedral Grove and Coombs

Yesterday my mom and brother decided to cash in on the incredible sunshine we’ve been blessed with lately and took my niece on her first visit to Cathedral Grove with a stop in Coombs. I wasn’t able to… Read More

The Great Outdoors: Camping In 2012

If there’s one thing that there never seems to be enough of, it’s time. Last night J and I were flipping through his work calendar and, because his schedule is set a year in advance, we were able… Read More

The Great Outdoors: Hornby Island

Those that have been, know. Those that visit for the first time are lovers for life. My childhood summers on Hornby Island were far more impressionable on me than words can tell the tales of, so last week… Read More

The Great Outdoors: Mile-High Chair Rides

Having spent the long weekend in the Comox Valley, it was almost impossible to go anywhere without being treated to a view of Mount Washington. Since J had never been, on our last day in the Valley we… Read More

The Great Outdoors: Washington State

With the first of many epic camping trips on our horizon, J and I decided that a trial run was necessary and made a last-minute decision on the weekend. We packed up the truck and made a run… Read More