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Island Profile: Seal Bay Nature Park

Located on a back country road between the Town of Comox and the Old Island Highway, Seal Bay Nature Park is incredibly popular with area residents. However, it tends to be one of those places that, though you… Read More

Island Profile: Saltspring Soapworks

Few things make me as giddy as “bathroom stuff” does. Hand creams, shampoos, body lotions, bubble bath, essential oils – all of it gives me a serious case of the oohs and ahhs. However, as much as I… Read More

The Great Outdoors: Oregon Coast, Day 4

When we started brainstorming about our trip to the Oregon Coast in the weeks before we left, J and I planned on doing and seeing many, many things. We had initially opted to drive to Portland for a… Read More

The Great Outdoors: Oregon Coast, Day 3

With so much that we wanted to pack in over five days in Oregon, J and I wasted no time each morning. On our third day, we were up early and greeted to overcast skies, so we figured… Read More

The Great Outdoors: Oregon Coast, Day 2

The second day of our great American adventure started with a morning trip to a great American beach. Picturesque in every quintessential Americana way you can imagine, the town of Seaside did not disappoint. Think carousels, bumper cars,… Read More