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Fair Fares To Protect Our Local Residents

Denman and Hornby Islands, Fulford Harbour, Gabriola Island, Sointula, Alert Bay: these are just a handful of Vancouver Island communities that heavily rely on our Province’s ferry system. Oversea transport is vital to the economic stability to these… Read More

Photos: Shake, Rattle And Roll On Vancouver Island

Because Vancouver Island is located directly on a fault line and is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, a horseshoe-shaped area of high seismic activity including earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, annual earthquake drills in preparing for that… Read More

Thoughts On Humanity

If you were to ask me what I love most about blogging, it is the opportunity it provides to share information, invoke thought and open up lines of communication between people that otherwise might never interact with each… Read More

Save A Horse, Eat A Donut

As it enters its final three days, the horse death toll at the Calgary Stampede has reached six – a number that Stampede spokesperson Doug Fraser describes as “very unusual and very upsetting.” [source] However, death is nothing… Read More

I Am What I Eat

When I’m not making the conscious decision to eat healthy food, it takes very little time for the habit to catch up on me. Believe me – few things go down as easy as a PayDay bar, a… Read More