20 Questions with Adrienne Ford

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20 Questions with Adrienne Ford

I’ve known Adrienne for all of maybe a month. We met at an event she was hosting, dedicated to helping women nurture their natural beauty. And speaking of natural beauty, Adrienne personifies that inside and out. She and I clicked instantly over our mutual appreciation for and understanding of self-care and seeing the true beauty in the tribes of women we surround ourselves with.

Adrienne has an immense wealth of life experience, experience she uses to apply to her personal philosophy. A self-proclaimed “sensitive soul,” Adrienne’s life shifted from professional modelling to a journey of wellness, empowerment, healing, and making healthy choices to live well on her own terms. She is dedicated to encouraging other women to do the same and it’s for that reason I really admire her. I was eager to have her jump in the 20 Questions hot seat, so without further ado…

1. What are you really excited about these days?

Self-care! I love exploring how we can feel good, while taking care of ourselves. It is fascinating how diverse this topic is.

adrienne ford 4

2. What was the last photo you snapped with your phone?

(Speaking of self-care) Sunday night, roaring fire, me wrapped in a duvet, sipping tea, while my boyfriend reads Pablo Neruda.

3. You’re probably used to life in the spotlight to some degree, but making yourself accessible through social media opens the door to admiration but also criticism. How do you handle criticism?

There is a difference between (constructive) criticism, and a person that sows discord to upset or hurt. Constructive criticism usually comes from those we confide in, and can be useful. People that are out there to spread emotional distress only behave this way because of their own unhappiness. I try to see their behaviour through a compassionate lens and do not engage.

4. Your life has taken off on a different trajectory in recent years, so what was the catalyst for the shift?

Change normally comes from an “awakening,” also known as a serious of unfortunate events. For me, life had provided several difficult situations, and in this, I was forced to evaluate my choices. My career, the place I call home, and my relationship fell apart at the same time. I knew I wanted a better life, and instead of feeling sorry for myself in this situation, I decided to start making better decisions. Looking back, it was a true blessing in disguise.

5. What’s something you aspire to that might surprise people?

I aspire to host amazing dinner parties, filled with invigorating, thought-provoking conversation. This might surprise people, because in large groups, I typically embrace my introverted self.

6. The Breakfast Club featured a rebel, a princess, a brainiac, an outcast, and a jock. Who were you in high school?

I definitely felt like an outcast on occasion. I wanted to be the princess, but alas, I was the jock.

Adrienne Ford

7. If I gave you a $50,000 business loan to expand the scope of something you’re currently doing, what would it be?

I would make beautiful videos, all over the place, educating people on self-care. It would be a channel dedicated to women feeling happy, healthy, and beautiful! It would be a one-stop shop with all the experts in wellness. I would do interviews, DIYs, how-tos, products reviews, hot-spot spas, and all the latest trends in living well.

8. If I dropped you off at the airport with a ticket to anywhere, where are you headed?

If it was literally today, Bali, to play with the monkeys. If it was in the summer, Paris.

9. What was your all-time favourite jam in the ‘80s and ‘90s?

Def Leppard’s “Hysteria.”

10. If I was a highly skilled bartender, what drink would you ask me to make for you right now?

I would sit down at the Ritz Carlton, in Paris, and order a French 75.

11. It’s now 2:00 a.m. and I’ve made you half a dozen of those drinks. What’s your guilty pleasure food fix?

I have been having a secret love affair with poutine and Sriracha.

12. What do you do to cheer yourself up when you need it?

It would either be yoga and music at home. Or go out to shop and have dinner with my sister.

13. What’s the biggest misconception people have about you in real life?

A lot of stereotypes comes with being a model, or looking like one. People think models don’t have problems, or feel bad about themselves. That, or I am unapproachable. When, really, I am a huge nerd that is silly, awkward, shy, and sensitive.


14. If you could star as any character in the remake of any movie, which famous role would you reprise?

Princess Andromeda in the 1981 movie Clash Of The Titans. I love Greek mythology.

15. If you could learn a new skill, language, or hobby, what would it be?

I would love to take a poetry course or pottery class.

16. Who are you most proud of?

Anyone that embraces self-improvement. It is a difficult road that can feel ugly and lonely at times… but it means that person is listening to their heart.

17. Who is (or was) the single most influential person in your life?

Can I spin this question a little? I have been blessed with many great mentors and teachers. However, perhaps what has been the most profound, yet unconventional, is not so much the people of positive influence, but those that were of negative influence. The ones that tested me, hurt me, or “did me wrong.” In each one of these situations was a powerful lesson. I learned how to trust myself, take better care of myself and/or my business, or simply how to say NO when something doesn’t feel right.

I think when we really embody this learning, and see life (and the people in our life), as our school, we can empower ourselves to learn, grow, and expand. When we look at difficult times as an opportunity to thrive, we can be our own influential person. Life, and all its experiences, can be a beautiful gift to help us along the way.

18. I’m throwing a dinner party next weekend. You’re invited and can bring three others with you (dead or alive). Who should I set the table for?

My boyfriend as my date. I would love to listen to American psychologist John B. Watson talk about behaviourism. I love this approach to understanding human nature. I would also love to see Oprah there. That woman has transformed her own life and the lives of many others.

Adrienne Ford

19. What’s the one question you wish someone would ask you?

Would you like to be a dog mom?

20. Would you like to be a dog mom?

Yes, I would like one Golden Retriever puppy/baby immediately!

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Meet Adrienne Ford:
Website: AdrienneFord.net
Twitter: @iamadrienneford
Instagram: @iamadrienneford
Facebook: /adrienne.nicole.f
Pinterest: /iamadrienneford

All photos are provided courtesy of Adrienne Ford.

DIY Beauty: Sugar Body Scrub

Making your own sugar body scrub – a necessity in this dry, winter air – is easier and faster than you think!

I’ve struggled with dry skin for years and years. Even as a little girl I remember the flakiness that would come with the winter months, causing a tight, irritated feeling across my entire body. Simply adding moisturizer doesn’t help much because the dry, dead skin cells act as a barrier and don’t allow lotions and creams to absorb enough to make a difference.

sugar body scrub

Exfoliation, the process by which those skin cells are sloughed off, is a simple and effective way to allow the skin to “breathe” again. Unfortunately, most store-bought body scrubs are full of preservatives, additives, chemicals, and toxins. Yup, even the so-called natural ones. Fortunately for you and me, making your own sugar body scrub is easy and super affordable.

You’ll need:

✔ 1/2 cup fractionated coconut oil
✔ 1/2 – 3/4 cup sugar
✔ 10 – 15 drops essential oils (optional, for fragrance)
✔ mixing bowl
✔ mixing spoon
✔ glass jar (for storage)

1. Pour fractionated coconut oil into your mixing bowl. (Fractionated coconut oil is simply coconut oil that has had the fat skimmed out of it, leaving it liquid at room temperature and virtually odourless.) Stir in essential oils to fragrance your scrub. I like combining 10 drops of lime with 5 drops of ginger to create a tropical treat.

2. Add enough sugar to reach desired consistency. I usually end up with more than less because I like a thicker scrub. The finer the grain of sugar, the smoother your sugar body scrub will be. Courser sugar will result in a rougher scrub.

3. Store in a glass jar for up to four weeks.

sugar body scrub 1

A few helpful tips:

  • You can use any kind of oil for this recipe. Olive, apricot, almond, and even avocado oils will work just the same. I prefer fractionated coconut oil simply because it’s odourless, letting the scent of my essential oils shine through.
  • As with my base oil, I use sugar that is organic. This is key to eliminating toxins in your beauty products.
  • Choose only essential oils that are 100% pure (labels aren’t everything). Bonus points for you if you can trace the origin of your essential oil!
  • Using a glass jar for storage is crucial. Plastic and light are the greatest enemies of essential oils, so ditch the synthetic containers.

sugar body scrub 2

I recently got a five pack of dark glass jars from Infinity Jars to up my DIY game. These jars are airtight, lightproof, and use ultraviolet light-filtering technology. They look black but they’re a pretty purple when you hold them up to the light. These jars also boost the preservation period by a lot, so for me they’re definitely worth it!

sugar body scrub

Come back next week and I’ll show you how to make a light-as-air, luxe whipped body butter!

Your turn: Have you tried your hand at a DIY body or beauty product? How did it turn out?

Disclaimer: I received my jars complimentary of Infinity Jars. However, the views, opinions, and experiences are entirely my own.

Bulletproof Coffee: Elevate The Holidays (and Every Day)

I’ve discovered a bulletproof solution, if you will, to elevate my busy days this Christmas season. Say “woah – hey there!” and meet Bulletproof Coffee.

I relish this season. Twinkling lights everywhere I look, hustle and bustle on city streets, and a constant stream of holiday favourites from my radio. There’s so much excitement to look forward to, get-togethers with friends and family being at the top of that list.

bulletproof coffee

Normally I start preparing for Christmas in mid-November with baking, decorating, and shopping for gifts. This year, however, was extremely out of the ordinary for me. Between moving and starting a new job, I’ve been stressed and overwhelmed to the max. A large part of that is simply because I haven’t had enough time for myself to indulge in a bit of TLC.

Maintaining little rituals is such a vital part to creating a healthy balance when life gets chaotic. While my nightly baths have had to take a backseat, starting each day with a steaming hot mug of coffee is a non-negotiable. And this is where things get good.

bulletproof coffee

Before I go any further, I have to confess that I have never been one of those people who can down a mug of black coffee and be on my way. In recent years, I’ve heard about people adding coconut oil or even butter (c’est what?) to their coffee for a boost, but for the life of me I could never imagine why. Load me up with cream and a bit of sugar and I’m a happy girl.

Last month, when I should have been baking shortbread but was instead surrounded in a sea of half-packed boxes, I heard about Bulletproof Coffee. Bulletproof is more than simply coffee – it has since totally elevated the experience of my morning routine. Hear me out.

bulletproof coffee

I have to be honest and admit I was entirely skeptical before my first sip. Reluctantly, I popped open the ghee, twisted the cap off the Brain Octane (aka caprylic fatty acids sourced from coconut oil), and brewed my first cup. I poured the three ingredients into my blender, blended for 20 seconds or so, and attempted my first sip.

Boom! The flavour knocked my socks off! It was nutty, a bit creamy like a latté, and tasted nothing like I expected “butter and coffee” to taste like. The best part was that I made it through my day with flying colours, more energy than usual, and the mental clarity I’d been lacking in recent weeks.

bulletproof coffee

By blending ghee (grass-fed unsalted butter) and the Brain Octane oil with freshly-brewed coffee, a mug of Bulletproof coffee provides a genuine boost to start my busy days in a way that is low in toxins, high performance, and chalked-full of healthy fats to fuel me. It’s keeping me more alert, awake, and focused. Plus, because it’s not loaded with sugar, I don’t experience the post-bean crash an hour or two later.

bulletproof coffee

I can’t necessarily do anything to change each day and what I need to accomplish in a 24-hour period, but I can do things for myself to help make the daily journey a little bit easier. A mug of Bulletproof coffee in the morning is a super simple thing I can do for myself while I’m putting on my makeup or dashing out the door.

Your turn: How are you surviving the holiday season and the stresses that come with it? Have you had a chance to try Bulletproof Coffee? I’d love to know what you think!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post; however, the views and opinions contained herein are entirely my own.

21 Questions with Keira-Anne

When my pal Shay asked to interview me for a change, 20 Questions-style, I couldn’t refuse. Plus one extra question for Keira-Anne.

    True fact: I have no idea how or why I named my blog using my first and middle names because no one has ever actually called me that. Nonetheless, it’s how my slice of online space has evolved and it’s often how people greet me in real life when we meet. Shay authors the METRIN blog and asked if she could turn the tables on Keira-Anne, so to speak, and interview yours truly. I jumped at the idea! The interview was originally published over there, but I’m happy to share my answers, thoughts, and experiences with their readers and my own. And if we ever meet in real life, you can just call me Keira.

Originally written by Shay Ferdinand.

Keira-Anne Morgan has been a lifestyle and personal blogger for over a decade, she is one of our many valued METRIN customers and she couldn’t be more beautiful – inside, in person and in her writing.

This Vancouver Island-born outdoor enthusiast has always had a passion for healthy lifestyle choices and recognizing beauty in the small things. Since Keira migrated to Vancouver in 2004, she began chronicling her life story for her friends and family back home. As a result, what began as a daily diary soon became an inspiring sequence of positive anecdotes about her adventures, dreams, and giving back to the community.


Keira is unlike any other blogger; she’s a beaming sense of hope and encouragement for her readers. As she eloquently stated in a blog post from 2009:

“Focus on yourself, on your growth and your development… appreciate the delicate distinctions within relationships and, more importantly, as individuals.”

From camping with her family, local fundraisers, animal rescues, or to eloping in Hawaii, Keira has always been authentic, optimistic, and open-minded.

She is just approaching her three-year wedding anniversary with her “babelicious” husband – a firefighter who she met at a charity event (I know right? I’m waiting for the “based-on-a-true-story” movie release too). Together they live with their cute little rescue pup named Jordy. Her daily routine includes: waking up at 5 am to walk the dog, making a healthy smoothie, working for the public and contributing to the community in every way she can.

Fun fact for her readers: Keira’s life would be incomplete without hot baths, Netflix, beach-combing, baking, reading, and spending time with her family.

Fun fact for Keira-Anne: her readers’ lives would be incomplete without her.

Now it’s time to dig a little deeper into that open mind of hers with a game of 21 Questions!

1. What’s your biggest fear?

2. How do you cheer yourself up?

It depends on what’s getting my down. Sometimes all I need is a hug! My favourite way to feel grounded and joyful again is by hiking or even just getting out in nature for a quick walk. If neither of those are available to me, I’ll settle for a warm bath, essential oils, and a generous glass of red wine.

3. What’s your greatest strength?

My ability to see the sunny side of any circumstance.


Photo by Karen Loudon

4. What’s your most embarrassing moment?

“Moment” as in a singular instance? Embarrassing moments happen far too frequently for me to point to one particular time!

5. Do you remember when you fell in love?

I don’t really remember exactly when I fell in love with my husband, but I think I knew right from the night that I met him that things were different. It wasn’t long after that that I knew deep down he wasn’t going anywhere. The man defined “game-changer” for me very early on.

6. Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by the determination my husband displays each and every day. I’m inspired by my friends who dream big and dare to go after what they want. I’m inspired by my colleagues and the genuine passion they have for the important work they do.

7. What are you most thankful for?

I’ve been through enough in my life to be grateful for each and every good thing I receive. I’ve been fortunate for my well-being and the opportunities I’ve been given, so I endeavor to never take them for granted.

8. What’s your favourite outdoor activity?

Hiking! Followed very closely by beachcombing and surfing.

9. What’s your favourite thing about Vancouver?

Believe it or not, the airport. Each morning I get up around 5:30 am and take our dog out. I love hearing the early-morning jets at YVR start their engines, and the first flights of the day taxiing down the runways.

Photo by Rebecca Bollwitt

10. What’s at the top of your bucket list?

It’s definitely a three-way tie between the Nepal/Tibet region, Iceland, and Kenya and/or Tanzania.

11. What’s in your purse right now?

My white whale-print Nixon wallet; my keys; a floral zippered pouch containing a nail file, dental floss, a comb, hand sanitizer, Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers, hand cream, and bobby pins; Excel bubble mint-flavoured gum; an Ikea pencil; Serenity and Whisper essential oils; and my cell phone.

12. What’s the last photo you took on your cell phone?

A Starbucks peppermint mocha in a red cup that I bought on my lunch break. I had to send the photo to my husband – it’s a running inside joke between us.

13. What’s your favourite book/movie of all time?

My favourite movie of all time is John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China, and my favourite book of all time is Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms. A close second would be Joseph Boyden’s The Orenda.

14. If you could travel through time, when and where would you go?

I really love Western films, so I’d be tempted to travel to the mid-1800s in the southwestern U.S.

15. If you could have 3 people over for dinner (living or dead) who would they be?

Goldie Hawn, Malcolm McDowell (just to listen to him speak!), and Drew Barrymore.

16. What are you looking forward to in the future?

Big changes! We’re soon moving to a new (to us) home that we just bought in a new community. Plus it means I’m starting a new job. I’m both anxious and totally excited!

17. If you were granted 3 wishes what would they be?

Continued good health, unlimited travel opportunities with my husband, and, frankly speaking, financial freedom.

18. Do you have any regrets?

I know we’re supposed to say “I have no regrets,” but if I’m honest that is not entirely true. While I don’t regret anything I went through, nor do I regret the lessons I got from my experiences, I do regret time that, in retrospect, seems wasted. There are a few occasions in my life where I wish I’d simply learned my lesson and moved on instead of prolonging the inevitable.

19. What’s your spirit animal?

Several! And each one definitely reflects a part of my personality. The orca whale because of my playful love of the ocean; the shark because of my introverted nature; the wolf for my independent spirit; and the grizzly because of my fierce love and protectiveness. Plus bison, but for no other reason than that they have simply captivated my heart.


20. How do you handle negative comments, or trolls?

Candidly. It’s quite rare these days that I get negative comments on my blog or social media, but when I do I face them head-on in a kind nature. The ability people have to hide behind computer screens is one of the most frustrating parts of the online community, and I think it’s important to cast light on shadows. If someone feels strongly enough about something that they feel the need to say something, imply something, or comment on it to me, then I think it’s often worth acknowledging – whether I agree with their opinion or not.

21. Do you have any advice for young writers?

Keep it light and write only what you want to write. Several years ago, I felt pressured to publish a blog post every single day in order to boost my SEO and increase my readership, but when I did that, the quality of my blogging plummeted and I was very unhappy with what I was producing. After a year or two of that, I stopped blogging altogether. In the two years that followed, I published maybe half a dozen posts. When I started to write again for myself about things I wanted to write about, I began to once again enjoy the art of stringing sentences together. It doesn’t matter who reads your work or who doesn’t. What matters is remembering what is driving you to write in the first place, and staying true to that.

Thanks for your honest opinion and always staying positive Keira-Anne, we can’t wait to read about your next adventure!

Creating Healthy Balance When Life Is Chaotic

What’s a healthy balance? Let me get back to you when I figure that one out, but for now, these are my go-to methods of achieving a sliver of sanity.

My life is in chaos. We’re talking upside-down, exhausting chaos. Within the last seven days I have:

✔ packed up five years’ worth of a combined household
✔ moved into a new home
✔ moved to a new city
✔ started a new job
✔ unpacked five years’ worth of a combined household

On top of all of that, this is what our bathroom currently looks like:


Like I said, chaos. Sometimes events in our life – whether large or seemingly insignificant – can cause a shift that will topple our sense of balance. I’m typically a cool, calm-headed kind of gal, and while some of that is simply my personality, a lot of it also has to do with the choices I make.

As I am navigating new streets in the midst of an entirely new routine (and new life) with my husband, I’m relying heavily on four key things to help me maintain my sense of self.

1. Sleep – I can’t lie. I have been exhausted at the end of each work day this week. I feel that listening to our bodies is crucial, and when your body tells you to rest, grant it its wish. Go to bed earlier than usual and try to maintain your nighttime rituals. For me that includes warm pajamas, sleepy tea, and diffusing lavender oil.

2. Diet – At one point last week, I counted eight – eight! – pizza boxes in our recycling blue bin. Gross, right? And I felt gross. Since we moved into the house, I’ve made a point of fuelling my body with what it needs to function well. Like a car, your body will perform much better when you’re feeding it high-quality fuel.

3. Skincare – Diet inevitably leads me to my skincare routine. I’m one of those women who, when eating a lot of dairy, gets an icky breakout on my décolletage. And lots of pizza with mozzarella will do just that. Eating better has helped, but maintaining a consistent skincare routine with a high-quality, gentle product like METRIN has been my skin’s saving grace. Washing the day away at the end of the evening feels absolutely necessary.

4. Exercise – Okay, I’ll admit it: this one has slipped a little bit this week. Only recently I got back into running, but I’ve had very little time (or energy) for it this week. I do, however, make a point of getting out and walking for at least 30 minutes on my lunch breaks, taking the stairs at work, and standing at my desk when I’m working on something for a long stretch of time.

Photo: Victor Hanacek

The beauty of finding a healthy balance and administering a little bit of self-care is that there’s no cookie cutter answer. What that looks like for you and, more importantly, what works for you is entirely for you to discover. Maintaining a sense of routine, even if it’s a new routine, and implementing these four keys has certainly helped me feel like myself again.

Over to you: What does striking a healthy balance look like for you? How do you implement a little bit of self-care. And what is the most vital part of your daily routine?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post; however, the views and opinions contained herein are entirely my own.