DIY Beauty: Sugar Body Scrub

Making your own sugar body scrub – a necessity in this dry, winter air – is easier and faster than you think!

I’ve struggled with dry skin for years and years. Even as a little girl I remember the flakiness that would come with the winter months, causing a tight, irritated feeling across my entire body. Simply adding moisturizer doesn’t help much because the dry, dead skin cells act as a barrier and don’t allow lotions and creams to absorb enough to make a difference.

sugar body scrub

Exfoliation, the process by which those skin cells are sloughed off, is a simple and effective way to allow the skin to “breathe” again. Unfortunately, most store-bought body scrubs are full of preservatives, additives, chemicals, and toxins. Yup, even the so-called natural ones. Fortunately for you and me, making your own sugar body scrub is easy and super affordable.

You’ll need:

✔ 1/2 cup fractionated coconut oil
✔ 1/2 – 3/4 cup sugar
✔ 10 – 15 drops essential oils (optional, for fragrance)
✔ mixing bowl
✔ mixing spoon
✔ glass jar (for storage)

1. Pour fractionated coconut oil into your mixing bowl. (Fractionated coconut oil is simply coconut oil that has had the fat skimmed out of it, leaving it liquid at room temperature and virtually odourless.) Stir in essential oils to fragrance your scrub. I like combining 10 drops of lime with 5 drops of ginger to create a tropical treat.

2. Add enough sugar to reach desired consistency. I usually end up with more than less because I like a thicker scrub. The finer the grain of sugar, the smoother your sugar body scrub will be. Courser sugar will result in a rougher scrub.

3. Store in a glass jar for up to four weeks.

sugar body scrub 1

A few helpful tips:

  • You can use any kind of oil for this recipe. Olive, apricot, almond, and even avocado oils will work just the same. I prefer fractionated coconut oil simply because it’s odourless, letting the scent of my essential oils shine through.
  • As with my base oil, I use sugar that is organic. This is key to eliminating toxins in your beauty products.
  • Choose only essential oils that are 100% pure (labels aren’t everything). Bonus points for you if you can trace the origin of your essential oil!
  • Using a glass jar for storage is crucial. Plastic and light are the greatest enemies of essential oils, so ditch the synthetic containers.

sugar body scrub 2

I recently got a five pack of dark glass jars from Infinity Jars to up my DIY game. These jars are airtight, lightproof, and use ultraviolet light-filtering technology. They look black but they’re a pretty purple when you hold them up to the light. These jars also boost the preservation period by a lot, so for me they’re definitely worth it!

sugar body scrub

Come back next week and I’ll show you how to make a light-as-air, luxe whipped body butter!

Your turn: Have you tried your hand at a DIY body or beauty product? How did it turn out?

Disclaimer: I received my jars complimentary of Infinity Jars. However, the views, opinions, and experiences are entirely my own.

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