Creating Healthy Balance When Life Is Chaotic

What’s a healthy balance? Let me get back to you when I figure that one out, but for now, these are my go-to methods of achieving a sliver of sanity.

My life is in chaos. We’re talking upside-down, exhausting chaos. Within the last seven days I have:

✔ packed up five years’ worth of a combined household
✔ moved into a new home
✔ moved to a new city
✔ started a new job
✔ unpacked five years’ worth of a combined household

On top of all of that, this is what our bathroom currently looks like:


Like I said, chaos. Sometimes events in our life – whether large or seemingly insignificant – can cause a shift that will topple our sense of balance. I’m typically a cool, calm-headed kind of gal, and while some of that is simply my personality, a lot of it also has to do with the choices I make.

As I am navigating new streets in the midst of an entirely new routine (and new life) with my husband, I’m relying heavily on four key things to help me maintain my sense of self.

1. Sleep – I can’t lie. I have been exhausted at the end of each work day this week. I feel that listening to our bodies is crucial, and when your body tells you to rest, grant it its wish. Go to bed earlier than usual and try to maintain your nighttime rituals. For me that includes warm pajamas, sleepy tea, and diffusing lavender oil.

2. Diet – At one point last week, I counted eight – eight! – pizza boxes in our recycling blue bin. Gross, right? And I felt gross. Since we moved into the house, I’ve made a point of fuelling my body with what it needs to function well. Like a car, your body will perform much better when you’re feeding it high-quality fuel.

3. Skincare – Diet inevitably leads me to my skincare routine. I’m one of those women who, when eating a lot of dairy, gets an icky breakout on my décolletage. And lots of pizza with mozzarella will do just that. Eating better has helped, but maintaining a consistent skincare routine with a high-quality, gentle product like METRIN has been my skin’s saving grace. Washing the day away at the end of the evening feels absolutely necessary.

4. Exercise – Okay, I’ll admit it: this one has slipped a little bit this week. Only recently I got back into running, but I’ve had very little time (or energy) for it this week. I do, however, make a point of getting out and walking for at least 30 minutes on my lunch breaks, taking the stairs at work, and standing at my desk when I’m working on something for a long stretch of time.

Photo: Victor Hanacek

The beauty of finding a healthy balance and administering a little bit of self-care is that there’s no cookie cutter answer. What that looks like for you and, more importantly, what works for you is entirely for you to discover. Maintaining a sense of routine, even if it’s a new routine, and implementing these four keys has certainly helped me feel like myself again.

Over to you: What does striking a healthy balance look like for you? How do you implement a little bit of self-care. And what is the most vital part of your daily routine?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post; however, the views and opinions contained herein are entirely my own.

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