Month: November 2016

20 Questions with Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis answers this week’s 20 Questions instalment. 20Q profiles bloggers, creators, artists, inspiring people, innovators, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs. Don’t miss these past features.   20 Questions with Paul Jarvis Years ago, I’d heard whisperings about a man… Read More

Happy Birthday! 85 Years of METRIN

METRIN Skincare is celebrating 85 years of a truly incredible product. Nearly a century ago, a chemist with skin issues of his own, Dr. George C. Runnels, developed a natural process for treating everyday skin problems. What he… Read More

Vancouver Wedding Dress Preservation

Like most brides, I planned on dry-cleaning my dress after the big day. However, I recently discovered that wedding dress preservation is a service unlike any other. At the show’s height of popularity, I was (and still am)… Read More

Five Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Despite what magazine covers, news reports, and Pinterest may tell us, living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be complicated. “Get clearer skin!” “Lose weight the easy way!” “Feel rested and look your best!” Media headlines constantly bombard… Read More

Hiking at Paradise Meadows

As its name implies, Paradise Meadows is a picture-perfect spot to enjoy the best of nature for a day or a weekend. Hiking is one of my absolute favourite things to do with my husband! We’re talking top… Read More