Month: October 2016

Why I Don’t Sell doTERRA

It’s the question I get the most and the answer is always “No – I don’t sell doTERRA products.” Here’s why. “Do you sell doTERRA products?” That’s the one question I get the most from family and friends…. Read More

The Naturally Clean Bathroom

Use these quick and easy recipes for a naturally clean bathroom without harsh chemicals! I live with boys. Two of them! Okay, they’re men, but they outnumber me 2:1 and that means that my bathroom is no longer… Read More

20 Questions with Marc Smith

Marc Smith answers this week’s 20 Questions instalment. 20Q profiles bloggers, creators, artists, inspiring people, innovators, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs. Don’t miss these past features.   20 Questions with Marc Smith It’s rare that I cross paths with Marc… Read More

Great Skin Without Makeup

Not a myth, and certainly not impossible, I’ve discovered that great skin without makeup is achievable by following a few easy steps. Most women (and some men) are no strangers to makeup. Some of the earliest makeup can… Read More

Contest: Rain On Me Umbrellas

Rain On Me umbrellas marry fashion with function in a city where umbrellas are a requirement. Some things are synonymous with each other: peanut butter and jelly, Bill and Ted, Vancouver and rain. “Liquid sunshine” is simply a… Read More