20 Questions with Casie Stewart

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20 Questions with Casie Stewart

You can call Casie Stewart a bonafide pioneer of the blogging community in Canada. Based in the Toronto area, she has chronicled her online life for more than a decade, and her offline life for even longer. Casie’s had the good fortune of travelling the world and started to make a name for herself by being the social voice of MuchMusic and MTV Canada.

She has since partnered with a ton of globally-recognized brands and hosted exciting events in the Toronto scene. But her life is about far more than flashing lights and sunny smiles: the quiet life suits her just fine and when she’s not on a red carpet, you can probably find Casie lounging by the lake in Muskoka. Casie Stewart is a blogger, published author, actress, host, photographer, brand ambassador, traveler, and model. And she has answered 20 19 Questions for your reading pleasure.

1. What are you really excited about these days?

I’m a pretty excited person, to be honest. Right now I’m excited about the seasons changing. Warm September nights. A recent makeover to the home office. My juicer. My stand-up paddle board. TIFF. Winter vacation. I’m doing cool work that I feel pretty stoked about too.

Casie Stewart

2.What was the last picture you took on your phone (and which phone was it)?

The last photo on my phone is one I posted on Instagram of my BF driving the boat this morning at the cottage in Muskoka.

I have an iPhone 6s but by the end of the month I’ll have the new iPhone (Telus).

3. Making yourself accessible through social media (and/or blogging) opens the door to admiration but also criticism. How do you handle criticism?

Like water off a duck’s back. I don’t get a lot of criticism, I also don’t provoke it. I keep a positive attitude and try to spread sunshine. If I need to bitch about something I do it with my friends, offline. You can’t please everyone, but if someone doesn’t like me, you can easily hit unfollow.

4. You’ve been creatively documenting your life online for over 10 years. What inspires you and what is your personal golden rule to living your life to the max?

I started documenting long before my blog in 2005. I recently found an old calendar where I wrote what happened each day in high school. I kept a diary for my family and friends on Microsoft Spaces while I was at university in Australia. I shared poems and stories on MySpace in 2004 on my first ‘blog.’ I like telling stories, making memories, looking back and feeling joy. I find inspiration in people, places, things around me, and I share it with the world in hopes it will inspire them to do something that day worth remembering or writing about.

5. You have a lot of incredible experience under your belt – everything from traditional media to event hosting and representing some pretty awesome brands. What’s something else you hope to tackle or achieve?

TO THE MOON! I’ve been working on a book which I hope to have out in January. I am also experimenting with recording so who knows what I’l do next. The possibilities are endless really!

Casie Stewart

6. The Breakfast Club featured a rebel, a princess, a brainiac, an outcast, and a jock. Who were you in high school?

I definitely wasn’t a jock. I won the Miss Teen pageant for my city in high school but I also was on the city youth council and became a published author.

7. If I gave you $50,000 to expand the scope of something you’re currently doing, what would it be?

I would get a billboard downtown, like Drake. To be honest, that might be more than $50k so I would hire a small crew to shoot a short video series and get a good PR agency.

8. What’s your all-time favourite jam from the ‘80s or ‘90s?

I really love/loved ’90s hip hop. Ma$e’s “Feel So Good” always puts a smile on my face and I can rap all the words.

9. Tell me three goals you want to achieve by the year 2021.

1. Get my motorcycle license.
2. Publish a book.
3. Surprise visit my family in New Zealand.

10. If I was a highly skilled bartender, what drink would you ask me to make for you right now?

Something with vodka, please.

11. It’s now 2:00 a.m. and I’ve served you half a dozen vodka cocktails. Where are you going for your greasy food fix?

I’m a sucker for Maccas! (Aka McDonalds)

Casie Stewart

12. In Toronto, what’s the one restaurant that no one has heard of but everyone should eat at?

I’m really not great with foodie stuff and where to go but if you are in Muskoka you need to go to PIE in Bala. They have incredible wood fried pizza. Every pie is a personal pizza, it’s so good.

One of my fav spots in Toronto is Hawker Bar on Ossington. It’s a small, cute date spot – fills up fast though. Ordering the wings and Singapore Noodles on Uber-Eats is even an even better date night.

13. What’s the biggest misconception people have about you in real life?

I don’t actually like to be out talking to people all the time. I spend a lot of time alone at home (or somewhere) in front of my computer. Putting a lot out on the internet depletes your batteries. I need to recharge with alone time, silence, being outside.

14. If you could star as any character in the remake of any movie, which famous role would you reprise?

[Oops – this one got missed!]

15. If you could learn a new skill, language, or hobby, what would it be?

I would learn to have the voice of an angel, like Alicia Keys at the 2016 VMAs. A more realistic goal would be to skydive more so I could jump out of a plane by myself.

16. Who are you most proud of?

My mum. She’s in her early 60s and so freaking cool with great style and attitude. She’s 2nd Dan blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do (started around 40!) and a couple years ago, sailed to the Bahamas and back with her BF for a YEAR. She’s always encouraged me to do things my own way, get creative, make things. I have her to thank for my strong spirit and fiercely positive attitude.


17. Who is (or was) the single most influential person in your life?

Mum again. The rest of my family is pretty cool too, but my mum was home with us until I was 16 so my sister and I spent a lot of time with her reading, at the park or library, making crafts, or going on adventures. She’s just got this great energy and she makes you feel and know you can do anything.

18. I’m throwing a dinner party next weekend. You’re invited and can bring three others with you (dead or alive). Who should I set the table for?

Andy Warhol, DJ Khaled, and my BF Sean.

19. What’s the one question you wish someone would ask you?

What are you going to be for Halloween?

20. So what are you going to be for Halloween?

I always have a few costumes because I REALLY LOVE HALLOWEEN! But one of mine this year is… A COOL MOM, not a regular mom.


Meet Casie Stewart:
Blog: CasieStewart.com
Facebook: /casiestewart.blog
Twitter: @casiestewart
Instagram: @casiestewart
Snapchat: casiestewart

All photos are provided courtesy of Casie Stewart.

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