Cammidge House Wedding Celebration

After choosing to elope, my husband and I celebrated with friends and family at our Cammidge House Wedding Reception.

Making the decision to plan a Hawaiian elopement for our wedding was easy. Neither of us envisioned a traditional wedding, and saying “I do” on a quiet beach beautifully reflected us as individuals. Picking the perfect way to celebrate with our family and friends was a whole different challenge.

Cammidge House Wedding 1

With weddings costing what they do these days, my husband and I wanted to buck expectation and save as much cash as possible while still throwing a total kick-ass party. Most of the event venues we found in Greater Vancouver charged a hefty sum to rent the space before adding the costs of catering, decorations, libations, and entertainment.

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As luck would have it, I stumbled across Cammidge House in Tsawwassen – a century-old home on sprawling parkland in the sunniest spot around these parts. The price was right and, after some more savvy finds, we pulled together a truly unique Cammidge House Wedding celebration with dramatic Hawaiian flair.

Cammidge House Wedding


As it turned out, the delivery and set up of the day went 100% awry. I was so grateful for the level-headedness of good friends to help me keep my cool.


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I wanted the afternoon and evening to be as laid back as possible but still elegant and distinctly Hawaiian.



Not surprisingly, my niece completely stole the show (and I didn’t mind one bit).



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I love to bake and I couldn’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on cake and cupcakes when I knew I could just as easily create something memorable. I made a gluten-free vanilla and coconut layered cake with cream cheese frosting, accompanied by dozens of cupcakes in the same flavour.



The cake and cupcakes stands were made by me, using dollar store plates, plastic cocktail glasses, tough glue, and gold spray paint. Also not wanting to spend loads of cash on floral arrangements, I hand-made dozens and dozens of paper orchid blossoms and opted for simplistic pineapples for centrepieces.

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Even though you’ll see one at pretty much any wedding reception or party these days, I couldn’t resist the silly lure of the photo booth. A simple backdrop flanked by tiki torches and adorned with letters I hand-stenciled, painted, and glittered, the photo booth was an absolute hit!

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10630581_10152627994741465_230302209088664859_o 10604022_10152627994786465_4449431564375508469_o
10514363_10152627994861465_7784117747564536560_o 10623684_10152627994916465_4813386457550027766_oNo words are necessary for these two.





There is nothing sweeter than celebrating something as awesome as your love story with the friends and family who mean so very much.

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And although puppy kisses are totally heartmelting…


Nothing comes as close as sealing the deal with the one who knows you, gets you, shows up for you, and cherishes you.



The day was crazy, it was stressful, and an insane amount of work. But it was also touching, memorable, beautiful, and one I will always be grateful for.


All photos © Snap Weddings.

Venue: Cammidge House Wedding – Metro Vancouver Parks
Caterer: The Healthy Chef
Photographer: Snap Weddings
Wedding Gown: White by Vera Wang
Party Gown: Victoria’s Secret
Groom’s Attire: [groom’s own]

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