The Keg’s Lobster Summer

A sneak peak into The Keg’s Lobster Summer Menu.

When a friend asks if you’d like to join her for steak, lobster, and wine, the answer is “yes.” It is always “yes.” Rebecca invited me to join her at The Keg’s Lobster Summer Menu preview at their Yaletown location, the perfectly opportunity for a girls’ night out on a summer evening.

We were whisked to The Keg’s rooftop dining area along with a number of others who were joining us for the preview, a beautiful setting under the pastel evening sky and away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver. After being greeted by The Keg team members, our first course was brought to our table.

The Keg's Lobster Summer

Our appetizer round featured crispy, pan-friend lobster wrapped in warm tortillas with cabbage, garnished with cilantro, and drizzled with a sweet-and-spicy jalapeño maple aioli. These lobster tacos had my mouth watering, and the inclusion of cilantro satisfied my craving for authentic Mexican influence.

The tacos were thoughtfully paired with See Ya Later Ranch‘s award-winning Gewürztraminer wine – a fruity compliment to the tacos’ heat.

The Keg's Lobster Summer 2

Round two was the star of the show: a half Atlantic lobster, flown in fresh from Nova Scotia with a pot of golden butter for decadent dipping. Sharing the plate with what The Keg is best-known for, a premium cut of steak, this entrée was the envy of every diner in our vicinity.

Being that Pinot Noir is my very favourite varietal, I was delighted to sip Meiomi Wines‘ offering with this course. Its full-bodied flavour from the vineyards of California packed a punch with our meal.

The Keg’s Lobster Summer menu would be incomplete without dessert. In fact, life itself is incomplete without dessert, and nothing is more appropriate than The Keg’s classic Billy Miner pie. The generous slices – served with tall stem of Steller’s Jay Brut – was something I was unafraid to tackle. While many of our fellow diners split a slice, I was scraping the last bits of chocolate crust from my plate before anyone else was finished.

For a deluxe summer dining experience, The Keg’s Lobster Summer offerings are flawless choices. On until August 28th, The Keg locations can be found across Canada and in several U.S. states. Find The Keg Steakhouse + Bar on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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