Life Hacks: 5 Simple Steps to Find Healing

These five simple steps can help us to take an active role as we find healing.

Who of us isn’t trying to find healing in our lives? Whether it’s something cosmetic like adult acne, emotional trauma from a bad relationship, or a serious health concern, our individual quests to find healing are all valid.

I’m certainly no doctor but I learned that I can take a very active role in my own healing and wellness. Last night I attended a talk on integrative medicine and walked away with five empowering – yet totally simple – tips!

1. Daily Meditation – Set aside time for some serene self-observation. The best way to truly know yourself is by focusing inward. If that’s not enough motivation, daily meditation can reduce stress, increase focus, and boost your mood!

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2. Dietary Modifications – Food is either the best medicine or the most toxic poison. Our bodies are our vehicles for our consciousness, so it’s vital to fuel up with the very best of the best. I’m admittedly often guilty of slipping on this one. “Treats” such as a slice of cake or martini aren’t really treats when we’re serious about our healing.

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3. Find Inspiration – If we are open, we can be inspired by anything and everything around us. Our immediate environment, music, art, love, and faith can motivate us to continue seeking. Inhale and breathe in inspiration, whatever that may be for you. You may be your own inspiration!

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4. Observe Your Social Circle – My husband prescribes to the theory that we are each a direct reflection of the five people we spend the most time with, so this one is nothing new to me. Take a look at your social circle: those five key people will shape your thoughts, actions, and speech. Make sure those people reflect what you value and how you define yourself.

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5. The Whole Self – We are each the sum of four elements: our biological/physical selves; our emotions; our intellect; and our spirituality. When something is impacting us, whether small or large, that challenge will resonate in all four of those elements. By examining how it is impacting those elements, we can often start to point to a source, a reason, and hopefully a solution!

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Let me conclude this by saying that I am by no means an expert: I’m simply passing on information and wisdom I collected from Dr. Tanya Gee and Dr. Alexina Mehta at their talk. I would recommend either of these two incredible women in a heartbeat!

The five steps above can be summed up by one cardinal rule: love yourself. Love yourself first and you’ll then be better able to love others. Remember that, if nothing changes, then nothing changes.

All photos by Victor Hanacek

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