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Use the GPSMyCity Article App to navigate your next vacation.

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If you’re anything like me, you rely heavily on your smartphone for navigating – especially when on vacation. Last summer, as my husband and I drove across the Western U.S., we used our phones constantly.

Unfortunately, sometimes that’s not always possible when travelling. Even with a great roaming package, an internet connection may not be possible simply because of your location. Without an internet connection, mapping your destination or looking up a fantastic spot to eat becomes virtually impossible. This is where GPSMyCity’s Article App comes in to save the day!

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What is the GPSMyCity Article App?

GPSMyCity is a free downloadable app that features over 5,000 self-guided walks in over 470 cities around the world. There’s no better way to see a city’s sights than on foot, and GPSMyCity makes that entirely possible – with or without an internet connection.

GPSMyCity allows you to download various articles written by travel bloggers from around the globe, giving you insider information at your fingertips. The app and all of the articles are free to download, but with a quick upgrade, you can access the articles anytime, anywhere.


There are a ton of advantages to using this app on your next trip:

  • Once you’ve downloaded the full version of the travel articles, you can use everything offline. There are zero¬†roaming fees and no data plan is needed!
  • Each city featured has numerous articles with famous sights, hidden gems, and certainly something that appeals to every traveler.
  • Detailed walk route maps, with turn-by-turn directions, ensure that you¬†find your way to everything you want to see.
  • GPS-Guided city walks help you find yourself without getting lost.


GPSMyCity Article App Giveaway

With travel season in full swing in North America, now is the perfect time to get this app into your smartphone. To inspire your travel plans, the awesome folks behind GPSMyCity are working with me to giveaway the full upgraded version of my blog post on San Francisco and the Bay Area!

image1Step 1: Download the GPSMyCity Article App for your smartphone.

Step 2: Browse GPSMyCity and find my article on San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Step 3: From June 27th until July 3rd, get my article on San Francisco and the Bay Area in the app and upgrade to offline use and GPS tracking version for FREE!


To get your free upgraded app, browse for the San Francisco and the Bay Area article within the app. Then click on Upgrade and the app will be automatically linked to an offline map and the GPS navigator. Rememberthis upgrade is only free until July 3rd!

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Once you’ve downloaded GPSMyCity, you’ll then also be able to upgrade to my articles on Los Angeles, Seattle, and over 5,000 other destination articles!

For more information, visit GPSMyCity’s website or check them out on Facebook.

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