20 Questions with Rebecca Coleman

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20 Questions with Rebecca Coleman

Rebecca Coleman is one of those Vancouver bloggers that I’d followed for years, chatted with on Twitter, but had never actually met until this year. Her social media game is strong and she’s diversified herself to the point where she reaches across a lot of different demographics on the web. She maintains not one, not two, but three blogs – and that’s on top of her media/PR work and teaching at BCIT. This girl is Busy with a capital ‘B!’ However, she’s not too busy to answer these 20 questions, so without further adieu, I present Rebecca Coleman: mother, blogger, teacher, cook, baker, foodie, writer, photographer, wine lover, and one smart cookie.

1. What are you really excited about these days?

Aquafaba! It’s this new vegan egg white substitute that you make from the water you drain off of a can of chickpeas. Sounds really weird, right? But it’s amazing. It’s revolutionized the vegan baking world.

Rebecca Coleman 5

2. What was the last picture you took on your phone?

Last night I hosted a rooftop summer kickoff party on my roof. This is the last photo on my phone.

3. Making yourself accessible through social media and blogging opens the door to admiration but also criticism. How do you handle criticism?

If it’s warranted, I can hear it and accept it and take it in. But we also live in a world where people are sometimes jealous and lash out from that place. You have to learn to tell the difference.

4. What is your bottom line, number one, golden rule when it comes to blogging?

Consistency, consistency, consistency. Most bloggers fail because they run out of gas and give up before they make it.

5. Everyone has a spirit animal. What’s yours and why?

I really, really want to say a unicorn. Doesn’t everyone want to be a unicorn?

6. The Breakfast Club featured a rebel, a princess, a brainiac, an outcast, and a jock. Who were you in high school?

I would probably identify mostly with the nerds and outcasts in high school. I was not one of the popular kids, that’s for sure. I had a small group of nerdy friends, some of whom I am still friends with today. High school was not my place to shine. When I got to university, that’s where I really met my tribe and came into my own. I was definitely a late bloomer, but no regrets. I bloomed just fine!

Rebecca Coleman 3 Rebecca Coleman 4

7. If I gave you $50,000 to start a business, what would you start?

A social enterprise where we were growing food and teaching people how to cook it. Empowering them to eat well, local, seasonal, and healthy.

8. What’s your all-time favourite jam from the ‘80s or ‘90s?

I’m going to have to go with Deee-Lite’s “Groove is in the Heart.” I spent many a happy Friday night in our university pub drinking Rockaberry coolers and dancing to that one.

9. Blogging can ebb and flow for a lot of people. Where do you see your blog in 2021?

In all honestly, I’m terrible at long-term planning. I’m excellent at making things happen here and now, but I never know where my life will take me, so I have no idea! Maybe I’ll still be blogging, maybe I’ll be blogging about something else? I’d love to travel more and write about that.

10. If I was a highly skilled bartender, what drink would you ask me to make for you right now?

A bourbon sour.

11. It’s now 2:00 a.m. and I’ve made you half a dozen of those drinks. Where are you going for your greasy food fix?

Fritz, of course!

Rebecca Coleman 1

12. In Vancouver, what’s the one restaurant that no one has heard of but everyone should eat at?

It’s in North Van (not technically my city) but I love The Portly Chef. It’s a tiny hole-in-the-wall, but the chef, Jeff Batt, is wonderful. His drunken sablefish is epic.

13. What’s the biggest misconception people have about you in real life?

I’m very bubbly and outgoing. And maybe because of that, I really need alone time and down time to recharge. That, and when people think I’m Miss 604 [aka Rebecca Bollwitt]!

14. If you could star as any character in the remake of any movie, which famous role would you reprise?

Buttercup in The Princess Bride.

15. If you could learn a new skill, language, or hobby, what would it be?

Italian so I could travel to Italy and learn to make pasta from an Italian nonna.

16. Who are you most proud of?

My son. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me, and he’s growing up to be such a wonderful human being.

17. Who is (or was) the single most influential person in your life?

Probably my grade 12 writing teacher, Art Griffin. He really encouraged me to pursue writing and to pursue a career in my passion.

18. I’m throwing a dinner party next weekend. You’re invited and can bring three others with you (dead or alive). Who should I set the table for?

Stephen Sondheim, Dave Grohl, and Alan Doyle.

Rebecca Coleman 2

19. What’s the one question you wish someone would ask you?

Can I offer you a day at the spa?

20. So can I offer you a day at the spa?

So much yes.

Meet Rebecca:
Blog: Rebecca Coleman – Social Media Marketing
Cooking Blog: Cooking By Laptop
Brunch Blog: BrunchCouver.com
Twitter: @rebeccacoleman
Instagram: @rebeccacoleman
Pinterest: Rebecca Coleman
Also look for Rebecca on Snapchat: she’s @rebeccacoleman!

All photos are © Wendy D Photography and provided courtesy of Rebecca Coleman.

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