10 Years Young

Seven years and two months ago I stumbled across a profile on an adoption site. Seven years, one month, and two weeks ago I filled out an adoption application form. Seven years and one week ago I met Jordy for the first time and agreed to formally adopt him. Seven years ago today I brought Jordy home to Vancouver to begin his brand new life.

He came with very little information: no birthdate, no place of origin, no list of previous owners (there were five of them, by the way). Because I didn’t know of Jordy’s birthday, and the veterinarian guessed his age to be about three, I decided that Jordy’s adoption day would become his official unofficial birthday. And that makes today Jordy’s first birthday in the double digits. Today he’s 10-years-old and, while it’s doubtful that anyone other than my husband and I would have reason to celebrate the occasion, I’m taking the liberty of sharing some of my favourite photos of him from over the years.


Jordy Presley

Untitled Jordy In The Wind
Right photo by Tyler Ingram


Howdy, Partners

Happy Jordy

Mango Monkey My Camera Loves Him

Ambleside Photowalking, Nikon D90 Trial
Photo by John Bollwitt

True Love


1011158_10151668374476465_1303488993_n Seaside

Cannon Beach

Jordy has more nicknames than any living creature on the planet. His bark has (finally) come back something fierce over the years. He truly smiles with his whole face. Jordy suffers terribly from Napoleon Syndrome – you can find him hanging with the big boys at the dog park. He’ll gladly lick your face to wake you if you’re not up to feed him and he’ll never turn down a chunk of banana or a slice of cucumber. One of these days Jordy will finally dig up the buried treasure he constantly paws for between the couch cushions. And we truly, madly, endlessly love him like crazy. If you love dogs too, you know what I’m talking about.

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