Unplugged: Version Spring.Break

The number of reasons I love my job are countless, but it’s hard to beat the breaks I get.

For those of us in Vancouver, it’s spring break so I’ve got two weeks to sleep in, bake cookies, catch up on Netflix, write, or do whatever I want. During the second week, while my husband works, I’ll be spending time on Vancouver Island with my niece – starting with a most triumphant Star Wars-themed surprise birthday party for her. Spending time with her is the perfect excuse to unplug and focus on the moments we spend together.

We Are All Here

That said, I’m snapping shut my laptop and will be back the week of March 28th with more travel, wellness, photos, and personal stories. Whatever you find yourself doing over the next little while, enjoy every minute of it because it’s the only minute you’ve got!

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