Month: February 2016

Wellness Wednesday: What Are You Fueling Your Body With?

If there’s one common bond we all share, it’s food. We hover over towers of cupcakes to celebrate birthdays, pizza is tastiest when shared with a loved one (or your entire soccer team), and the kitchen is the… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: It All Begins Here

My intention was to write this post last night and publish it early this morning. Unfortunately, I’ve been brought down with a tenacious head cold so my energy level is hovering somewhere around 20%. The irony that my… Read More

Playing with my New Nikkor 50mm Lens

Despite the fact that I’ve owned my Nikon D3000 camera for more than five years, I admittedly know very little about its function. And until recently, every photo I took with it was shot with the stock lens…. Read More

Rowena’s Inn on the River in Harrison Mills

Daydreaming about all the places around the globe I’d like to visit one day can be a lot of fun, but in doing so it’s easy to overlook the hidden treasures waiting to be unearthed in my own… Read More