Out Of (My) Mind

Though the saying goes “out of sight, out of mind,” it isn’t always true. While I haven’t published a blog post since March, 2014, that fact has not been lost on me. Since last spring, I have been constantly reminded of the fact that I had not been blogging each time I saw the blogger descriptor pop up on my Twitter profile or any time someone asked me why I hadn’t posted in a long time. It wasn’t an intentional hiatus, but writing seemed to be the very last thing I had any time for.

2014 was a huge year for me for a lot of different reasons:

  • I learned new ways to balance my individual self with my married self;
  • I explored new areas around Vancouver and travelled to a few familiar places;
  • I took my health more seriously and pushed my body to be stronger, more resilient and to build greater endurance;
  • I finally – after nine exhaustive, demanding years – summoned the courage to quit an unfulfilling job and go after something I truly wanted to do; and
  • I celebrated my first year of marriage!
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    Between all of the milestones above, a much-needed break from social media was just what I needed to focus on the things in my life that I felt were truly important. Aside from letting a thick layer of dust envelope my blog, I finally gave Facebook the boot, (temporarily) locked down my Instagram account, and chose to back off of Twitter instead of contributing to the white noise.

    It seems almost unnecessary to say, but it’s truly eye-opening to learn just how much of our lives social media holds sway over once you take back that power. “Giving it up” isn’t really giving up anything at all. Trust me – there are few benefits to being attached at the hip with your smartphone. Lately I’ve had more time to read books, create, try new recipes, decorate, walk, tackle new hobbies, hike, play board games with my husband, daydream about future trips we plan on taking and future endeavours we plan on making.

    I can’t deny that writing is a part of my creative expression that I’ve always enjoyed cultivating, but I almost cannot believe I’m sitting here writing a new post. Despite being aware of my neglect, I’d all but shelved my blog completely. I won’t force writing goals, deadlines or content upon myself – structure negates my creativity. But as part of making time for myself, I have to make time for the things I enjoy, including writing. That is something I cannot deny or ignore.

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    3 Comments on “Out Of (My) Mind

    1. Well, whenever and however you decide to write, I have always enjoyed reading your blog! I first discovered it researching a trip to Vancouver Island and have been hooked ever since.

    2. Well, I’m glad you did not fall off the face of the earth:-) and it’s nice to read something of yours again! I hope you are enjoying married life my friend, and if you are ever around Red Deer drop me a line, I would love to see ya!

    3. Funny, I was just thinking about how behind my blog is… I believe I’m guilty of nothing since March, 2013! And, it made me think of yours so I checked it out and lo and behold you’ve re-started!

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