Month: August 2012

JAR Restaurant Is Set To Join Nanaimo’s Culinary Scene

The last time I stayed in Nanaimo, a lot of eating was involved with my trip, as I sampled the exquisite range of cuisines offered by local restaurants. Photo: © inc. [used with permission] I was recently… Read More

The Great Outdoors: Oregon Coast, Day 4

When we started brainstorming about our trip to the Oregon Coast in the weeks before we left, J and I planned on doing and seeing many, many things. We had initially opted to drive to Portland for a… Read More

A Lesson in Love from Rowdy

Several days ago I had mentioned to a friend that, up until my early 20s, I was quite afraid of dogs. Perhaps it was the neighbourhood German Shepherd that stole my childhood friend’s shoe right off his foot… Read More

Carving Edge Festival in Tofino

It’s hard to mistake that familiar chill in the morning air. Whether we’re ready or not, autumn is on its way. Tofino will be kicking off the coming season with the return of their annual Carving Edge Festival… Read More

The Great Outdoors: Oregon Coast, Day 3

With so much that we wanted to pack in over five days in Oregon, J and I wasted no time each morning. On our third day, we were up early and greeted to overcast skies, so we figured… Read More