I spent a lot of time last night on the verge of tears. By now I’m quite sure you’ve all heard of sweet Captain, the too-friendly German Shepherd that was left to die in a dumpster in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood [link to article]. What was done to this dog is nothing short of appalling.

Photo: BC SPCA

Whether you, personally, care about animals or not is not the point. Either way, it’s a pretty sad state of affairs to know that there are people in our communities that are capable of doing such a thing. Sadly, Captain succumbed to his injuries last night. While we can’t bring back Captain, no matter how hard he was loved in his final hours, we can do something to make sure people like the one that hurt Captain receive their due.

I personally know that the BC SPCA is working around the clock with the Vancouver Police Department to nab this creep, but unlike the VPD and its municipal funding, the BC SPCA has zero help. A cruelty investigation can cost upwards of $10,000 in man power and resources. A comforting, soft blanket for injured animals like Captain can cost only $5.

If all you can spare is the pocket change you were going to spend at a food cart for lunch, please just do it. Let’s stop simply voicing our outrage and actually do something about it.

Help me, help the animals and help in doing a small part to make our communities safer for everyone. Kindly donate to my personal campaign and support Jordy and I as we crusade to bring justice to animals like Captain.

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