Month: July 2012

Summer Holiday Hiatus

As you read this, I’m schlepping totes, a tent, a tarp and all the requirements for Nutella s’mores (yep, that’s how we roll) into the back of our pick-up truck. J and I are headed south for a… Read More

Shamrock Farm Lavender Harvest

There is almost no scent that entices me more than that of lavender. Its beneficial properties are countless and, with more than 39 varieties worldwide, it looks fantastic in any garden. Photo © Shamrock Farm [used with permission]… Read More

Guest Post: Five Great Reasons To Visit Sidney By The Sea

Today’s guest post is provided by Nevin Thompson of Victoria, BC. Nevin frequently contributes blog posts about Vancouver Island to Island businesses such as Victoria’s Diversified Health Clinic. If you have an idea for a guest post that… Read More

Celebrate Ukee Days!

While most west-bound travelers are inclined to turn north when they reach the Highway 4 junction, there’s a lot to be said for driving south instead. Call it a sticking point if you will, but it’s always bothered… Read More


I spent a lot of time last night on the verge of tears. By now I’m quite sure you’ve all heard of sweet Captain, the too-friendly German Shepherd that was left to die in a dumpster in Vancouver’s… Read More