Month: May 2012

Sweet Brew at The Fairmont Empress Hotel

With summer well on its way and lots of sunshine in our forecast, many – myself included – are excited to welcome another patio season. Somehow cold drinks are just a bit more refreshing when enjoyed under the… Read More

Uptown Fashion Swap – Swap Tips

While I’ve never been to a clothing swap of any kind, from what I’ve been told, a solid strategy is key! With under a week until the Uptown Fashion Swap, the folks at Uptown have a few tips… Read More

Uptown Fashion Swap

Almost every woman’s closet has a handful of pieces that are either too tight, too bright or not quite right. Clothing swaps are an excellent means of unloading what your closet doesn’t want while finding a hidden gem… Read More

Donate Some Cash, Win A Prize

Act fast! The next five donors to contribute $30 or more will find a full-sized bottle of cruelty-free Kinesys sunscreen in their mailbox from me to you! Apart from being vital to the SPCA’s annual operating budget, the… Read More

Cathedral Grove and Coombs

Yesterday my mom and brother decided to cash in on the incredible sunshine we’ve been blessed with lately and took my niece on her first visit to Cathedral Grove with a stop in Coombs. I wasn’t able to… Read More