Contest: Celebrate Caregivers With Tyze & Enter To Win A $100 Grotto Spa Gift Card

UPDATE: Congratulations to Ashley on winning the $100 gift card for Parksville’s Grotto Spa. Thanks to all who entered!

Whether it’s a parent, a sibling, a co-worker or your best friend, it’s often easy to find someone willing to lend a hand. However, more often than not, the people we love are spread throughout the towns we live in or even across the country.

Helping Grandmother Walk

Photo: Rosie O’Beirne on Flickr

Tyze Networks is an innovative online tool that allows users work through challenging times by bringing our community to our desktop. By creating an online community centered around one person, Tyze helps that person’s family, friends, neighbours and care professionals to work together.


Whether it’s something practical such as scheduling an elderly loved one’s doctor’s appointment or a first-time mom seeking help with childcare, Tyze keeps everything needed in one simple place.

Tyze is different from the average social network because it’s entirely private, giving access to your personal information to only those whom you choose. It’s a purpose-drive network with a focus only on people.


The people at Tyze Networks want to celebrate those people in our lives that offer a bit of extra care and love, and to do so they’re giving away one reader a $100 gift card for the incredible Grotto Spa at Tigh-Na-Mara Resort and Spa in Parksville, BC.

We all know someone who deserves a little bit of “me time” that would love an afternoon at the spa. Or perhaps life has you stretched thin giving a helping hand left and right, so maybe you want to keep it for yourself! Either way, we’re giving you two chances to win:

1. You Must – Leave a comment below and tell us about someone who you know might benefit from a Tyze Network or someone in your life that is always there for others.

2. Bonus Entry – Post the following on Twitter:

    I celebrated a caregiver and entered to win a $100 Grotto Spa gift card from @tyzenetworks and @KeiraAnne

I will draw one lucky winner at noon on Monday, June 4th. To learn more about Tyze Networks and how they work, visit Tyze Networks online. You can also stay in the loop with their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Winner must be 18 years of age or older. Winner cannot have won a contest on within the last six months. This prize is not transferable and is of no monetary value. nor its affiliates or the contest prize sponsors bear any responsibility to the winners, the collection of the prize and/or the use of the prize.

Until June 1st you can enter to win passes for two to the BC Shellfish Festival’s wine and raw bar reception and Vancouver Island premiere screening of Shellshocked in the Comox Valley on June 12th! Enter here.

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17 Comments on “Contest: Celebrate Caregivers With Tyze & Enter To Win A $100 Grotto Spa Gift Card

  1. This is a great idea! I am a Registered Nurse at the Jubilee and I can think of many patients who would benefit from this service! :)

  2. I have a close friend who really needs to be pampered. She has been going through a lot but always is there when you need her.

  3. My mom has become primary caregiver to my grandmother, who, after a few small strokes, is struggling with her memory and comprehension. My mom does so much for my grandmother so that she can continue to live on her own – if my mom wasn’t so caring, my grandmother would have to be in a care facility. I’d love to treat my mom to something special like this!

  4. What a great idea! I can think of lots of folks in my network who could use this tool; families that stretch across the country, caregiver organizations both public and private sector, estate planners. A friend of mine just has surgery to remove a growth on the brain, she and her family could use something like this.

  5. One of my BFFs is the ultimate caregiver…Occupational Therapist by trade but caretaker of all in her life …always giving but rarely taking!

  6. I know a few people who could benefit from this. My mom was willing to quit her job to look after my Grandpa so he wouldn’t have to go into a home.

  7. My Mom & I would both benefit from Tyze Network. We share full time caregiving duties & some days it is really hard to keep our heads up. We take care of my Dad who had an accident a few years ago which resulted in a TBI (traumatic brain injury). He doesn’t really understand his disability & can be very difficult to take care of sometimes. We really need a respite worker to help us manage things better but only get a few hours every month that we can afford to bring one in.

  8. My mother is always there for both me and my daughter. It’s hard to think of how we could’ve gotten by some of the tougher struggles without her unconditional love and support.

  9. My wife needs a stress relief weekend as she has been going through a lot with her job and coworkers.

  10. My mom could totally use this package as she always puts others first

  11. My sister could really use this since she’s had quite a rough year.

  12. I know of many caregivers, women who put themselves first with their families and who are always positive and upbeat. They do everything that is required to be a good parent and instill in their children good morals & values. The hardest days with challenging tasks and they still pull it off with great attitudes. My hat goes off to single moms everywhere!

  13. I dont know if Robyn could use the network itself, but I am sure she can find someone within her industry who can (ie a patients family etc).

    Other than that, I know Robyn would LOVE to have a spa day! Not only has she been patient with me finishing school, she has been working 60hrs weeks in the NICU and Community

  14. My good friend, Verioska, could really use some extra TLC. She’s a single mom who is working two jobs and she always puts everyone else’s needs first. She’s been having a tough time lately and she could really use some time for herself.

  15. My mum could use some TLC. She’s a busy nurse who raised two children, and is still raising her third. My dad works in camp so for 3 weeks of the month she also operates as a single mum. She is an amazing woman who never takes time for herself, and I would love to see her enjoy some pampering!

  16. My mother just turned 84. She is one of the true ‘givers’ in the world. Even though she has broken her pelvis twice and sustained other injuries in her senior years, she still keeps going, and seldom without a smile. She volunteers with the Echo Players, and is involved with many other organizations, because she doesn’t usually say ‘no’ to anyone. I can think of no one more deserving of a little pampering than Mom. Thanks.