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If you’ve been following my blog for the past few years, you know what to expect in June of each year. I publish a particular post, include a few heart-melting photos of kittens and sad dogs and ask for donations for the BC SPCA’s annual Paws For A Cause fundraiser.

Times are tight and our global economy is shaky at best, so it’s no surprise that donations to my personal campaign have dwindled over the past few years. At the end of last year’s campaign, I decided to take a different approach, and this is where you come in…

Pink Piggy Bank

Photo: Ken Teegardin on Flickr and SeniorLiving.org

While I will still be seeking donations (don’t think for a second you can wiggle out of that one!), I want to be more proactive in gathering donations for the BC SPCA. I haven’t done any active fundraising since high school, so my skills are a bit dusty.

I’m looking for your fundraising suggestions! I’d love to hold a by-donation car wash or even bake “Cookies for Canines”. These are only two ideas, so leave your thoughts below or zip me an e-mail if you want to keep things on the down-low. I look forward to hearing from you!

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3 Comments on “Hit Me With Your Best Thought

  1. How about offering a ‘Bowser B & B’ service? that people pay by donation…

  2. When I worked at the BC SPCA head office and was fundraising for Paws for a Cause, I used our very large at-home movie collection to “rent” out movies. I’d bring about five in on a Friday, people would come by my office and pay $2 for a rental. If they forgot to bring it back they had to pay $2/day in “late” charges. It was a pretty big hit in the office, brought some fun and I raised quite a lot of $$ over the course of the summer!

    Good luck whatever you decide to do!

  3. Yes! Definitely a bake sale! I’d buy!!!!!

    Or how about a raffle ticket giveaway to one of the fabulous Vancouver Island places you know?

    Or you could host a girls movie night or something (at a cineplex theatre) and we buy our tickets from you for double the price or something?

    Good luck!

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