Hot Sand And Broken Dreams

After many days of flurrying activity at work, long hours and great anticipation, tomorrow our four-person wolfpack is headed to the desert for the lights and sounds of Las Vegas. While it’s never been high on my must-see list, J is celebrating his 30th birthday this week so doing it up in flashy style is a must.


Photo: GusF on Flickr

Besides, if it’s the closest I’ll get to “New York City” in 2012, I’ll take it. We’re headed out with two friends of ours very, very early tomorrow morning and will be back in 72 hours. That doesn’t mean there won’t be posts later this week, so stay tuned here and to my Twitter. Enjoy your week, everyone!

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3 Comments on “Hot Sand And Broken Dreams

  1. Yay! Have a great time!!!

    If you’re still looking for stuff to do, here are some of my “must dos” from a couple weeks ago when we were there:
    – Have brunch buffet one day at the Cosmopolitan at the Wicked Spoon… sooo soo good. There’s a lot of “individual” made dishes which is really cool for a buffet. The highlight for me was the french toast (so good).
    – Hash Hash in Las Vegas. Amazing breakfast, particularly the chicken and waffles (seriously puts Vancouver’s options to shame”
    – Mario Batali’s B&B restaurant… wonderful pre-theatre option (you have to ask specifically for the pre-theatre menu) … amazing Italian food and extremely reasonable compared to the normal dinner menu
    – The Shops at Caesar’s and the Venetian! Yay!
    – There are lots of good clubs in Vegas, but I personally liked the rooftop patio at Chateaux… it was really nice to have fresh air while dancing considering how smoky it is.
    – In the airport on the way back, pick up some of the satin lemon cremes from Ethel M’s chocolates in the airport (once you are past security)

    Have an amazing time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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