Blog Ambitions

I had the best of intentions – I promise! I envisioned myself at the computer yesterday evening, hammering out three or maybe four blog posts to publish over the next week. To make a long story short, that never happened.

After the fourth butt-kicking day in a row at my office and 75 minutes of cat stretches and downward-facing dog, I was wiped. Instead of blogging, I made cookies, laid in a hot bath tub for over an hour while finishing my book and finished the night in a ’90s throwback with a Leonardo DiCaprio classic.

Though I wanted to send you off with wise words or fun ideas for Spring Break, I’ll instead take a cue from Kelle Hampton’s blog and leave you with a Friday Photo Dump from my Instagram.

Early Tuesday I’m heading out of town with J for a much-needed escape for most of Spring Break. Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful week and weekend, whether you’re hanging around or taking advantage of the holiday. See you back here on the 19th, but check my Twitter on Monday the 12th to see if you won my Shop Uptown contest (details on how to enter below).

Until Monday, March 12th, enter to win a shopping experience pack – including a $50 gift card – for Saanich’s Shop Uptown marketplace!

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