Dear Vancouver Island…

I love the little woodstoves that puff smoke on autumn days from the homes that dot the highway through Union Bay.


Photo: salil soman on Flickr

I love the sound of chilly water lapping the fishing boat hulls in Port Hardy.

Photo: Brian Huculak on Flickr

I love the colourful ducks that waddle through the grass in Beacon Hill Park.

Beacon Hill Park Duck 2
Photo: André Gaudin on Flickr

I love that hidden away on the Gulf Islands is a treasure trove of incredible artists.

Photo: kris krüg on Flickr

I love the early morning dew that dampens my shoes at Strathcona Lake.

Misty Strathcona lake
Photo: Sylvan Mably on Flickr

I love your little bumblebees and the incredible fruits and vegetables their pollination gives us.

Bumble Bee

I love that vibrant sunshine can be just as beautiful when it’s liquid sunshine on Hornby Island.

Hornby Island Rain Shower
Photo: Evan Leeson on Flickr

I love that there’s no such thing as a bad view of the sunset in Tofino.

Tofino Sunset
Photo: James Wheeler on Flickr

I love that, no matter where my boots take me, you will always be home.

Happy Valentine’s Day from me to all of you!

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  1. These pictures show the true beauty of the island! I wish I could spend more time out of the city (Vancouver) and more time on the island! We spent a lot of time in Quadra and Campbell river and it was BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for posting these pictures, definitely made me reminisce and want to go back :) -Kate

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