Too Unfit To Quit

I can’t even begin to count the number of posts I have written over the years pertaining to exercise, eating right, yoga and general health. For most of us, maintaining some semblance of balance in these areas is an ongoing challenge.

All my life I’ve had a high metabolism. In my earlier years, I was often called a “tall drink of water” due to my waif-like frame. However, once my late 20s came calling, my metabolism changed and keeping my weight on an even keel was next to impossible without effort. Since the age of 25, my weight has always fluctuated by 10-15 pounds. While that doesn’t seem like much, diabetes and heart issues affect my family, so fluctuation can be quite dangerous.

Rock Balancing on 17 Mile Drive

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Each year over the Christmas holidays, I tend to take the approach of “it’s December – anything goes!” in terms of eating and lack of exercise. On Boxing Day, as I finished off the second 48-piece box of Toffifee chocolates I’d eaten in as many days (gross, right?), I suddenly realized that this mantra wasn’t going to work anymore.

As painfully cliche as it seems, I’ve taken up counting calories over the past few days. It’s not a diet; it’s an endeavour to get back on track. Eating healthy foods isn’t my problem. Portion control is what I lack. Since starting to count the actual calories I consume, it’s become apparent to me that I was probably eating between 3,000 – 4,000 calories each day over the holidays!

Quiet heart ...
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Along with a few friends, I recently signed up for MyFitnessPal online. Including a handy smartphone app, it allows me to log any physical activity I do each day, diarize the foods I eat and keep track of how much I eat and – most importantly – provides an opportunity to encourage my friends who are on the same journey to health.

In addition to giving a damn about what I eat, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and bought myself some flex time with YYoga. I’ve been dabbling in yoga on and off for years and it’s high time that I finally give my practice the time and attention it deserves.

I feel like when we “resolve” to do something at the start of a new year, failing is likely because we lack the support needed to back up our choices. Structuring this new lifestyle change in the way that I have will, hopefully, allow me to stick with it in a tangible way. If it’s something you’re into doing too, find me on MyFitnessPal and let’s support each other!

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5 Comments on “Too Unfit To Quit

  1. I’ve been doing yoga once a week for about a year now and whenever I miss a week, my body aches to go back! I can actually see the results now, my body slowly getting stronger and my mid section becoming more toned. I love yoga for that!

    Good luck on your journey to a stronger, healthier you!

  2. congrats on finding your fitness way. I am a big fan of YYoga and immensely enjoy the Yin classes by Elle Basten. She teaches at the Flow and S. Granville locations. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks for sharing!

    My Fitness Pal is an excellent way to track food and exercise! Good luck with getting back on track.

    Over the last few years I have really gotten into weight lifting and yoga, I like how the two activities contrast and compliment each other!

  4. Good luck with it! I made myself a weeks worth of decently healthy lunches once on a whim and that has turned into some nutty fitness marathon. May not last but hey, might as well continue while I got the motivation. And I found a new hobby out of it all (bouldering).

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