Year: 2011

My Life In Boxes

The last month of my life has felt like nothing short of chaos, but I’ve relished every moment of it. The days have been filled with my day job, filling boxes, making appointments, planning my schedule almost to… Read More

Thoughts On Breedism And Bullying

Did you know that there’s no such dog breed as a pit bull? It’s a blanket term used to identify various breeds of dog in the molosser group. [source] While you won’t find it in the dictionary, breedism… Read More

Cyclists Want Safety In The Comox Valley

Concessions made for cyclists by the City of Vancouver has been hotly-contested over the past several years, and it seems that the debate is shifting to the Comox Valley. The 5th Street Bridge is one of only two… Read More

500 Thank-Yous

For the fourth time in a row, I have to say “thank you.” For the fourth time in a row I participated in the cause that is nearest to my heart. As of this morning, I offer 500… Read More

Island Profile: Kennedy Lake

If ever you’ve made the trip to the west coast by car, you’ve passed by Kennedy Lake. After all, it’s hard to miss the largest lake on Vancouver Island. Photo: Shayne Kaye on Flickr Located 16 kilometres east… Read More