Year: 2011

2011 Victoria Film Festival

The marquee lights around Victoria are ready to shine bright once again as the Victoria Film Festival gears up for its 16th year in the capital region from February 4-13. Since 1995, the festival has morphed from a… Read More

Island Profile: Ladysmith

There are some communities on Vancouver Island that, despite growth and development, seem to remain untouched after countless decades. Charming architecture, tiny shops and well-treaded sidewalks are all characteristics of the town of Ladysmith. Photo: John Samuel Marking… Read More

Happy Birthday Rebecca!

Once upon a time there was a girl named Rebecca and a girl named Keira. One day fate brought them together over Squishees and silliness and it was a slushy, slippery slope from there. They took photos together…… Read More

Stretching Within My Budget

My interest in yoga piqued years ago when, one Boxing Day, I found VHS yoga videos in a bargain bin for nothing more than pocket change. What drew me to it was not only the physical workout but… Read More

The 2011 List Of Try-Hards

It seems that the moment you label something as a “resolution”, you’re setting yourself up for instantaneous failure. It’s no secret that the vast majority of those of us that make up our minds to create changes in… Read More