West Coast Cakery Has Arrived!

When I was a little girl, there was a quaint bakery – complete with wood paneling and tufted vinyl seats – on 5th Street in Courtenay. It has long since closed its doors, but at the height of its popularity, visits to the Courtenay Bakery were a frequent part of my childhood.


Photo: Omid Tavallai on Flickr

My dad would bring my brother and I to the Courtenay Bakery for an after-school treat at least once a week, usually in the company of our grandparents. With my nose pressed firmly against the glass, I’d marvel at the never-ending treats before always settling on my favourite: a glass of milk and a sugar-and-cinnamon donut.

Whether it was our visits to the Courtenay Bakery or helping my mom make apple crisp in the kitchen, a love of all things baking was instilled in me from an early age. I’ve long been able to whip up a batch of chewy, gooey cookies off the top of my head and no recipe is ever too intimidating for me to give my best shot to.

Sometimes there is no gift that’s more appreciated than food – especially food of the baked variety. I often tote cupcakes, pie or other delicate delights when visiting friends or to offer a token of thanks. In recent years it’s gotten to the point where my baked goods are requested, so I’ve decided to take my love of baking one step further. After much encouragement from a few much-loved friends and family, I’ve started to offer my baked goods in a more “official” capacity.

I want to proudly present my newest side project: West Coast Cakery – an easy way to get your mitts on my home-baked cookies, cupcakes, pies and cakes. It’s my style of baking with my style of branding. All orders can be customized, made organic or sugar-free and yes… I’m currently taking Christmas orders for within the Comox Valley!

For all the details and information on what to order and how to order it, please visit my Facebook page and “like” West Coast Cakery. You can also follow my updates on Twitter!

/shameless plug

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3 Comments on “West Coast Cakery Has Arrived!

  1. I just found your blog by looking up Vancouver Island bloggers – I’m loving it! I’m moving to Victoria in a couple of months from Toronto and your stunning images of the island are making me even more excited. The baked items too 😀 I look forward to reading more! I wonder if you’d ever do a post specifically for people like me – sort of a “Things you should know about Vancouver Island” before moving here ☺ All the best!

  2. Wow! I came across your blog looking for family business photos and was surprised to see your post regarding Courtenay Bakery. My family owned and ran that bakery. I too have very fond memories of it and have run into several former patrons that also recall special memories. Thanks for posting.

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