Photos: Autumn On The Island

Anyone that knows me knows just how much I adore autumn. To me it is the new year, the shedding of the old and the creation of a clean slate. More than just a time of transformation, it’s a time for beauty. Crunchy orange leaves, the delicate scent of smoke puffing out of chimneys along the Old Island Highway, warm mugs of tea and the comfort of a scarf bundled around my neck are all soothing elements of this time of year.

To celebrate a season that is no less stunning than the others on Vancouver Island, I wanted to take a quick peek at the photos your fellow Islanders have captured over the last couple of months…

Fairy Lake

Photo: Harold on Flickr

Back to the main land
Photo: Arnaud DG on Flickr

Photo: Vancouver Island University on Flickr

Killer Whale Vancouver Island IMG_1718
Photo: Michel van den Bogaard on Flickr

this is what is all about
Photo: Stephen Bentsen on Flickr

Sunset at Mackenzie Beach
Photo: Librarychik on Flickr

More Pumpkins for Halloween
Photo: Evan Leeson (Ecstaticist) on Flickr

Surfing, Tofino
Photo: Mark Ziubinski on Flickr

Red Umbrella
Photo: van Leeson (Ecstaticist) on Flickr

sharp strokes of arbutus
Photo: feetwet on Flickr

A Cute Little Bunny That Likes Leaves and Grass In the Field
Photo: Doug Hay on Flickr

Racing Nanaimo
Photo: feetwet on Flickr

Cross Roads
Photo: Mike Nelson Pedde on Flickr

Central Saanich  (click image to view larger)
Photo: jayscratch on Flickr

Muriel Lake
Photo: Richard Powell on Flickr

Return of the Hummer
Photo: jayscratch on Flickr

Scat-Tracking Dog
Photo: Ingrid Taylar on Flickr

Fairy Lake
Photo: Harold on Flickr

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