Thoughts On Breedism And Bullying

Did you know that there’s no such dog breed as a pit bull? It’s a blanket term used to identify various breeds of dog in the molosser group. [source]

While you won’t find it in the dictionary, breedism is a relatively new term defined as the painting of an entire breed of animal with the same brush. Whether or not the context is positive or negative matters not.

News outlets know exactly which words to use to make headlines: murder, drugs, political scandal, pit bull attack. It’s all nothing more than blatant fear-mongering and manipulation of public opinion. It’s interesting that we never hear about a dog attack involving any other breed group.

The pit bull population in North America is booming, but if only a handful are acting out aggressively (which is primarily contributed to the improper care and raising of these animals) then what about the rest of them? Anyone that’s spent quality time with one of these beautiful beasts knows exactly how wonderful they can be.

Just like humans, each of these animals should be evaluated only on its individual merits. Pit bull types come in all shapes, sizes, colours and goofy smiles.

Pit Bull du Jour - Heath A336073

Photo: maplegirlie on Flickr

Pit Bull Hiking - Fraulein ID# A331920 A019934/19937, Male, 5 months,  tan / white  Pit Bull Terrier, avail 3/3/2010
Photos: maplegirlie and rmnicholas on Flickr

Adopt Kitzma, the pit bull mix!
Photo: Rob Swatski on Flickr

Adopt Kitzma and Vlad, the boxer-pit bull mixes
Photo: Rob Swatski on Flickr

Pit Bulls: Saving Americas Dog
Photo: Steph Skardal on Flickr

Hawaiian Pit Bull Puppies
Photo: hherbzilla on Flickr

c'mon, you know you need some pit bull happiness in your life!
Photo: Eileen McFall on Flickr

Baby puppy pit bull, Bach
Photo: Beverly & Pack on Flickr

Journey--Adopted April 4, 2009
Photo: Eileen McFall on Flickr

Photo: This Year’s Love on Flickr

Scores of lovable Pit Bulls at Salt Lake City Super Pet Adoption 2010
Photo: maplegirlie on Flickr

Visual Understanding.
Photo: catd_mitchell on Flickr

Photo: Carlos on Flickr

pure contentment
Photo: Eileen McFall on Flickr

Poncho and Trillium
Photo: Jamie Lantzy on Flickr

Mya and her Beanie Babies
Photo: Katherine Hala on Flickr

Hate the deed, not the breed.

If you’re interested in fostering or adopting a pit bull in British Columbia, Bully Buddies and Hug-A-Bull are two rescue groups worth checking out.

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6 Comments on “Thoughts On Breedism And Bullying

  1. Excellent piece!

    When I walked dogs at the East Van SPCA, I walked the sweetest “pit bulls” ever. Even tempered and lovely dogs – would have brought one home as a pet if I had lived in a pet friendly home at the time (I was already pushing it by having a cat there with me). I love your catch-line: hate the deed and not the breed.

  2. In my day it was the Rottweiler and Doberman Pincher that had the same rap as pit bulls followed by German Shepherds. Love the photos.

  3. Thank you for writing this :)

    As someone who grew up with an American Staffordshire Terrier and of whose family they have always been a part, every positive piece makes me hopeful that people might peer behind the fear-mongering and get to the heart of the issue.

  4. Right on! Breedism definitely exists and even my pup sometimes gets mistaken for some kind of pit bull breed and i get the stink eye (She’s rhodesian ridgeback).

    People forget that other types of dogs can display aggression, including the familiar and likeable breeds like poodles, golden retrievers, and spaniels. it’s not the breed but how the owner raises and treats the dog. In some rare cases there may be genetic dispositions but it’s never been shown to be breed specific.

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