Movin’ On Up… To The Westside

In the first week of January this year, I vowed to try to complete a number of things. While some of those marks I’ve missed, one of those endeavours will come to fruition as of October 1st: I’m boxing my wares and leaving downtown Vancouver.

J and I recently started a search for a new home together – a search that ended faster than it began. We found a quiet spot on Vancouver’s Westside, complete with a fenced yard for Jordy.

moving day 3

Photo: Greg Wagoner on Flickr

While the change is all very exciting, my blogging has already suffered this past week. Consider this your warning that blog posts will probably be sporadic throughout the next month. My mind is instead swirling only with thoughts of duvet covers, paint colours and how I’ll organize my new kitchen.

Apart from our (potentially stressful) search for a basement tenant in our new home, things are coming together quickly and beautifully. I’m quite sure that the next month won’t pass by fast enough. That said, if you have any sage moving advice, I’m all ears!

On September 11th I’ll be participating in the BC-SPCA’s Paws For A Cause fundraiser – for the fourth time! Please considering donating to this extremely worthwhile cause and offering support to Jordy and I! Click here to read more.

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4 Comments on “Movin’ On Up… To The Westside

  1. Ahhh so jealous! Enjoy the world of duvet covers, paint colours and new kitchens, because its the best world ever! I’m sure your new home is going to be stunning. Can’t wait for the pictures!

  2. Keira-Anne, good luck and hope everything goes well with your move to the Westside. Aaaaand now the theme to The Jeffersons is insane on me brain …

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