Month: August 2011

One Month

In 31 days I will walk. In 31 days I will take a stand against the inhumane, cruel treatment of animals. I have 31 days to raise my personal goal of $1,500. I’m at 13% of that goal…. Read More

Flying High With Harbour Air Seaplanes And Westcoast Air

While there are only a few ways by which to cross the Georgia Strait to Vancouver Island, only one trip reveals the true beauty of the coast from a bird’s eye view. Forgoing a passage through the water,… Read More

Dallas Road Drama

There are few gathering spots where people from all walks of life converge in Victoria more than Dallas Road. Sweeping vistas over the Juan De Fuca Strait are the perfect spot for long walks, hearty talks and playing… Read More

Island Profile: The Filberg Festival

There are some things that no summer of mine would be complete without: flip flops, camping trips, BBQs and the Filberg Festival. It’s become an essential part of the hot months since I was a small child. This… Read More

A Vancouver Island Summer In Photos

Dismal skies and low temperatures plagued coastal BC throughout June and July, but all was not lost. Vancouver Islanders know that sunshine and heat are never necessary to enjoy the best of summer. Here’s some photographic evidence I… Read More