A Year In Cruelty Investigations

Earlier this year, after it was reported that a large number of working sled dogs were culled in Whistler, BC was up in arms. A task force was formed to investigate what happened in Whistler, but more significantly, new legislation was introduced to protect animals from cruel treatment.

Sadly – or perhaps thankfully – we don’t always hear about the investigations the BC-SPCA carries out. Since 2003, 50 Special Provincial Constables have taken a consistent approach in investigating neglected and abandoned animals, puppy mills, animal fighting rings and unthinkable acts. Take five minutes and watch the video below.

We’re not just talking cats and dogs here either… the Society knows no bounds and attends to pets, farm animals and even wild animals in distress. Each year the BC-SPCA requires up to $23 million dollars to carry out the investigations, bring charges to Crown counsel, care for neglected animals, provide veterinary care for those that are hurt.

I won’t argue that there are more dire needs in our community than the welfare of animals. However, we as a society can largely be measured by how we treat those who cannot act for themselves and by what we will tolerate in the way others treat animals. It’s all a part of humanity, a part we cannot ignore.

If you’d like to support me, Jordy and Charley as we try to raise funds to help the BC-SPCA, I would be incredibly grateful. I’ve set a personal goal of $1,500. To date I have raised $50. To donate, please visit my personal pledge page.

Until July 22nd, enter to win full weekend passes to Big Time Out 2011, happening August 12-13, 2011 in Cumberland, BC. Click here to enter!

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