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Some people ask my why I keep doing it year after year. Others ask me why I do it in the first place. Does $500 or $1,000 really make a difference? Is it even important at all?

News headlines in 2011 across British Columbia have been rocked to the core with various allegations of animal abuse and neglect. The outrage over the slaughtered sled dogs in Whistler was felt on all four corners of the globe. Protests in Victoria over a beaten pit bull puppy reached a fever pitch.

Lost Lake Sled Dog Race

Photo: Marty Hogan on Flickr [This photo is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent one of the sled dogs killed in Whistler.]

One thing has become abundantly clear: the vast majority of BC residents simply will not tolerate animal abuse in any form. To paraphrase the very wise Mahatma Ghandi:

    The greatness of [British Columbia] and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

It is for this handful of reasons – and many more that can’t be counted – that each year I pledge to walk for the animals in the BC-SPCA Paws For A Cause. 2011 marks the fourth time I’ve made this commitment and the third year I’ve done it with Jordy in tow. While I have personally saved only one animal from a neglectful home and given him a love-filled future, walking in the Paws For A Cause each year helps ensure that hundreds more can have that same hope.

Howdy, Partners

With only 2% of its annual operating budget coming from government funding, the BC-SPCA has a crucial need for funds supplied through generous donations. The group cannot investigate animal abuse, care for injured animals or find new homes for the homeless without you and me. And before you ask me “what about humans that are suffering in one way or another?” take a minute and nosh on some food for thought.

My goal for 2011 is to raise $1,500 for the BC-SPCA on September 11, 2011 in an effort to contribute to the $1,000,000 Province-wide goal. Whether you scrounge up the change from your couch cushions, give up your lattes for a week or have a bigger number in mind, any amount will help!

Please click here to donate to my personal pledge campaign today.

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4 Comments on “Help Me, Help Them

  1. Very cool that you are taking part again this year. I have started you off with a small donation (not much, but what I can manage this year). I hope that the donations exceed your goal!

  2. I love that you do this. However, I’d like to hear your thoughts on raising funding for an organization that routinely euthanizes perfectly healthy animals. Do you think it’s because of a lack of funding and/or resources?

  3. @Brigette – The SPCA is a highly transparent charity group and their chief goal is to rescue, protect and care for all animals (whether domestic, farm or wild). The SPCA absolutely does not “routinely euthanize perfectly healthy animals”. One of my very best friends is a Special Provincial Constable with the BC-SPCA and has attested time and time again that these are somewhat vicious rumours about the SPCA. The only instances in which an animal in the SPCA’s care is euthanized is if the animal is terminally ill or considered to be a danger (such as an overly aggressive dog).

  4. Thanks so much Keira! One small correction – also if the costs associated with a chronic or severe medical condition are unfortunately beyond our reach…another reason we appreciate all the support we can get, kudos to you for fundraising again, you rock lady!

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