A Week With My Mom

It isn’t often that my mom manages to take a break from her busy life on Vancouver Island and escape to the city to visit her one and only daughter. When the time comes that she does, we try to make the most of our time together. Though I left my camera at home, my mom was more than happy to snap shots of our week together…

Unwinding a bit was my mom’s top priority, so we did spend a lot of time at home, eating homemade pie, cuddling with Jordy and watching movies together.


Rebecca and her Mom My Mom and Me

It’s started to become a tradition that, during her trips to the city, we get together with Rebecca and her mom for a mother daughter double dinner date. Our dining choice this time around was the Teahouse in Stanley Park.

This romantic restaurant with hearty dishes lends itself to a quintessential Vancouver dining experience. Diners are treated to sweeping views of English Bay and the Georgia Strait in between sumptuous courses.

While we each opted for different entrees, all four of us could certainly agree on dessert! The pistachio macaroons were by far my favourite.

As the sun appeared near the end of the week, I wrangled a day off from the office to spend it outside. After an always-reliable brunch at Cafe Zen in Kitsilano, J and I took my mom to Granville Island.

It’s by far one of my most favourite places in the city to wander, sample and sometimes just sit. With winding side pathways, a market just for kids (or big kids like me) and surprising boutiques, it’s easy to get lost on Granville Island for a whole afternoon.

We downed Italian sodas, perused over exotic fruit and quite literally just hung out.

As we were wrapping up our trip, J spotted some goslings by the pond. It was impossible for me not to stop and watch as they learned how to scavenge for food and paddle in the pond.


We spent our last day as we did our first – taking it easy. Like most recent Saturdays, this one was rainy so we grabbed a matinee showing of “African Cats” and some Olympia pizza.

City trips with my mom always go by way too fast. While I’m always glad when she can come and visit me, I’m always more than happy to make the trip to Vancouver Island to visit her!

All Photos: Tempest Kat on Flickr

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  1. Lovely pictures! This makes me want to hug my mom! I’m happy you guys had such a nice time together.

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